NFTs, The Metaverse, Gaming and Art Basel Miami 2021

During the first week of December Miami hosted ART BASEL 2021, one of the most influential art festivals in the world.

Artists, experts and just curious from every corner possible of the globe converged in the city to get together and to celebrate Art.

Almost 20 years since its first edition, the 2021 meeting was undoubtedly different. Not only because of the complexities of the pandemic but also because this year we could witness a true and strong fusion between the traditional art world and the new one.

The Blockchain industry represented by the best NFT Artists, Metaverse ecosystems, and Play to Earn Gaming companies filled the Miami Airport Convention Center to present a serious alternative to the events in Miami Beach, Brickell, and Wynwood.

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Three clear standouts in the event were the DeFi Summit Stage as one of the first serious attempts to combine the features of the NFTs and Metaverse with the functionality of Decentralized Finance, but also the NFTCON Stage presented by Gala Games and the Metaverse Dome sponsored by The Sandbox.

As an Investment Fund specialized precisely in Crypto assets and Blockchain technology is extremely gratifying to be able to validate our Investment Thesis by having the opportunity to speak with founders and staff of the best projects in the Metaverse and Gaming industry and by watching the level of popularity of some of these protocols among the delegates.

That is very important because the growth of these relatively low correlated (to bitcoin and ETH) crypto-assets is one of the key success stories in our portfolio.

We are almost certain that in 2022 more and more institutional investors will join us in participating in this niche industry where we not only have a presence in the form of direct investing in protocol tokens but also in gaming assets and also sponsoring teams in the most popular blockchain games.

Can’t wait to see (and participate) in what the NFT, Metaverse, and Gaming world will bring to us.

Yours in Crypto.