Just breathe

Just breathe.

First set of ChatGPT Plugins announced.

Do you remember the video in the GPT4 presentation where a guy took a picture of the fridge and the ChatGPT proposed a menu? Soon you’ll take the picture, and the AI will the AI will do the grocery shopping.

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A new kind of Appstore?

Keep breathing.

Anybody can download the full dataset of Alpaca (facebook AI) for free here.


Yesterday, 2.099 already had it. Today there are 2.766 downloads. No entrance barrier for this AI technology that costed hundreds of millions of development. No patents. No limits. Only the imagination. That’s one of the reasons 2023 will be maybe the major explosion of innovation in the history of humanity.


Microsoft presented a competitor for Norton called Loop, an app that combines a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components. Soon we will see it powered with AI so we will be working collaborative powered with AI.


Just breathe.

Unity Ai. Unity announcement: you can create awsome games just by writing them down.

Breathe deeply.

1.7 billion parameter text to video generation diffusion model has been released.

Breathe for this next one.

Khan academy demonstrated how AI will change education. Teachers, you are adviced.

(while some teachers think they can forbit it in the classrooms…)

Just breathe.

In crypto, the giant Xiaomi is betting for the #NFT with Puffverse. Crypto massive adoption follows.

And now, just a last looong breathe.

BTC is up 74% since the beggining of the year.

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Everything is gonne be ok. We just need to breathe.

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Yours in crypto and AI