José Méndez: New Head of DeFi and Web3 at BELOBABA

José Méndez Spearheads DeFi and Web3 Education at BELOBABA

We are thrilled to announce the addition of José Méndez to the BELOBABA team as our new Head of DeFi and Web3. His arrival signifies a pivotal moment in our ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and providing our community with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the evolving financial landscape.

José brings with him a rich background in the world of Blockchain technology, having dedicated over five years to actively contributing to the growth of the ecosystem, with a particular focus on DeFi and Web3. His experience as a community manager and co-founder of a Web3 gaming guild speaks to his dedication and ability to build and actively engage in tech communities.

But what truly sets José apart is his passion for teaching. Over the years, he has generously shared his deep knowledge and expertise in DeFi and Web3, guiding countless learners on their educational journey. It’s this dedication to education that we’re particularly excited about, as José will be leading our specialized course on DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs, ensuring that BELOBABA continues to be a leader in cutting-edge financial education.

We are excited about the prospects and opportunities José will bring to BELOBABA and our broader community. We extend a warm welcome to him and eagerly anticipate the innovations and advancements he will spearhead in his new role.

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