It is time for crypto to get political

It is no secret that the collective force of pretty much everything is built upon the strength of the sum of all individuals that push a common goal.

In an extremely polarized world, voters are becoming more and more single issue voters.

That means, people are starting to deviate from multi policy promissory lists made by incumbent and aspirant politicians to move towards single agenda politicians and in my opinion, when it comes to crypto, that’s how it should be.

I really celebrate when voters only accept to cast a vote if the leader promises to work in favor of left hander, fishing and hunting, conservative or minority communities. At the end everybody has the right to fight for what they believe.

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But Carlos, why are you rumbling about all of this?


as it turns out, there are a few politicians that are trying to get the attention of Crypto voters in order to clinch a seat in Washington DC.

And the big players in the industry such Coinbase are not only paying attention but engaging in supporting those willing to support us.

Obviously that must be done following strict electoral laws that only allow donations into the PACs of the politicians but I certainly welcome this development.

What’s for the rest of us?

Simply put… we are working really hard to achieve financial freedom in a more efficient and inclusive economic environment and in order to do that, we need governments around the world to be crypto friendly or at least crypto neutral.

You must be beyond frustrated by now with the current state of crypto rules (or the lack of).

But no matter how hard you believe things are going at the moment in that regard, there is a new Mantra in Town…

Smart Voters will vote for Smart Politicians that once elected, will appoint Smart (meaning Crypto Friendly) Regulators and Public Servants’

So the next time you have a politician in front of you during an election campaign, ask a simple question before deciding how to cast your vote.

“What’s your stand as politicians on Bitcoin and Crypto?”