Is it over the Crypto winter?

A crypto winter refers to a prolonged period of market downturn in the cryptocurrency industry. During a crypto winter, the prices of cryptocurrencies typically experience significant declines, and trading volumes may decrease. This can lead to reduced investor interest and a slowing of innovation in the industry.

It is difficult to predict when a crypto winter may end or when a new one may begin. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and influenced by various factors such as regulatory changes, market sentiment, and technological developments.

Currently, the cryptocurrency market had experienced significant growth in January 2023, followed by a period of uptrend volatility. It is unclear whether this will lead to a prolonged period of market downturn, but it is worth noting that the cryptocurrency market has historically been characterized by cycles of growth and contraction.

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Now and at the end of February, I have observed how the price is even, in general, little more. But I would like you to pay attention to the difference between tusl and the fiduciary world and the correlation with the SP 500 index.

Now live: The rise in linear graph, is strong, for bitcoin. And it does not mean that it cannot continue adding to the rise. With a possible new future objective, in the short term, at USD 29,000, please do not rule out a possible moment in a bearish trend, to make a new ascending minimum and gain strength for the next movement.

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24380 USD… a price that many body did not expect to see in February 2023, has already arrived, with areas of 25300 as the immediate zone of strong resistance to overcome. And if it succeeds, we can see new news in the media, about which bitcoin rises. But don’t forget one thing… in the long term, bitcoin to date has always risen and on this new occasion, let’s not rule it out, it will do it again.

Not financial advice.