Human rights and blockchain go hand in hand

Dear U.S. Congressional Leaders, Committee Chairs and Ranking Members:

“We are 21 human rights defenders from 20 countries around the world who have dedicated ourselves to the fight for freedom and democracy. In this fight, we have relied on bitcoin and stablecoins, as have tens of millions of people living under authoritarian regimes or unstable economies.

“Bitcoin provides financial inclusion and empowerment because it is open and does not require permission. Anyone on earth can use it. Bitcoin and stablecoins offer unprecedented access to the global economy for people in countries like Nigeria, Turkey or Argentina, where local currencies are collapsing, breaking down or are isolated from the outside world.”

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 That unanimously the 21 consigliere and top human rights advocates from 20 countries (people like Garry Kasparov, Indira Kempis Martinez or Royal Mahboob, among many others) have sent and signed a letter to the congress of the united states, defending cryptocurrencies, claiming that they are making a difference for those who need them most, that decentralized finance is creating a fairer, cheaper and more efficient financial system, and that they allow fighting inflation, is at least encouraging and premonitory of what is to come.

 Therefore, to ignore the real revolution provided by this technology may even be irresponsible, the result of being tied to a system, to a status that will only be pronounced when it will again have control of this new monetary system. The ambiguity of saying that cryptocurrencies are dangerous are a bubble and that nothing supports them is similar to when it was said in 2000 that the Internet was just a fad. Only useful for criminals who will inhabit the network. To me these are very trite narratives and not very useful to move forward.

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I am beginning to think that it matters little if it goes up and a lot of interest when it goes down, especially to the so-called “traditional financial experts”, who believe they have the absolute truth, but all they have is fear and skepticism in equal parts of something new that has appeared. Where many people have earned (and lost) money without having to call themselves experts, or make populist videos, and that can portray them as obsolete dinosaurs in the face of a new financial era. Their only skill to me is not knowing what to do and consistently losing money.

All these financial gurus do not make money by being right, but by selling the image of being specialists in their subject, but the only thing they are specialists in is being hugely wrong and unqualified to evaluate technology at the level of being treated as a new generation investment. They are specialists in not realizing how money leaves the circuit to enter crypto and never return and they are specialists in not seeing the generational change in terms of inheritance and the new management that money will undergo. In short, from the same people I have been reading epic quotes about the internet in the 90’s, I now refuse to swallow their pitiful and childish predictions, sustained only by pride and ego in equal parts.

What do they gain by depriving ordinary people from having a stake in assets like bitcoin, ethereum or polkadot, what exactly are they looking for by repeating over and over again such a negative message, if I may answer my own question, I think they are looking for not feeling inferior, since navigating these waters right now requires intelligent and evolved people at the controls. These kinds of people are aware of the extreme risk involved in investing in cryptocurrencies, but they are also aware of the infinite opportunities they have in front of them. All this fits me perfectly with the incompatibility of the mental rigidity shown by the “I told you so” with the true virtues of taking risks and accepting that the world is changing very quickly. 

Even so, the participation in this network is growing exponentially. I hope it is partly due to the educational, informative and representative work that we do tirelessly from BELOBABA, no matter what the market is like. In this sense our work is to continue showing facts, to show the continuous development of the industry, to help build professionals highly demanded by the sector for the management of new generation portfolios and above all we try by all means to prevent everyone from falling into scams so that the interest is never lost.

To close my article;

With a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies on the table, proposed by a group of parties led by Wyoming Senator Cynthia Lummis.

With Grayscale (they have the largest bitcoin fund in existence) trying every means (legal included) to have a bitcoin ETF tested on July 6, which will expose bitcoin to billions of dollars of institutional capital in the United States.

And with payment giant Checkout announcing that it will start accepting stablecoins on its payment gateway and service, favoring merchants to be able to settle payments even on weekends and holidays, something that is currently not possible with fiat currencies and which clashes with the widespread rumor heard over and over again about how bad and insecure stablecoins are.

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I can only end by encouraging you to always look beyond and think before you judge. I don’t want a world with narrow minds with no room for new challenges.