GPT Plugins, the new appstore

Today I want to talk to you about a fascinating topic that I’ve been exploring for the past few days thanks to Cristian R. Guidolin: ChatGPT plugins.

In the last 6 months Chat GPT has revolutionized everything, and now it’s time to satrt with the integrations. What really makes ChatGPT exciting right now are its plugins. It’s like a marketplace/appstore where you can connect your favourite AI to a lot of interesting tools.

Plugins are additional features that you can enable in ChatGPT to extend its capabilities. Currently, these plugins are in Beta phase, which means that they are still in development and testing. However, even at this early stage, ChatGPT plugins offer a range of exciting possibilities.

One of the plugins I’ve been testing is Wolfram Alpha, a tool that allows ChatGPT to access Wolfram Alpha’s vast database of knowledge. This means that you can ask ChatGPT questions that would normally require a search in Wolfram Alpha, and ChatGPT can provide you with the answer directly and with a cool visualization.

For example, you can ask for an image of a human brain:

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For example, I asked for the spectrogram a a ballon pop and this is the result:

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Take a look into this other examples:

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And this is only one of the Plugins!!

Another interesting plugin is the one from Zapier, which allows ChatGPT to interact with other applications and services. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to post a tweet to Twitter, and it will do so using the Zapier plugin. With Zapier, you can create “Zaps”, which are automated workflows that connect your favorite apps and services to perform specific tasks.

The possibilities are virtually endless, as Zapier can connect with over 2,000 apps and services.

In short, Zapier’s integration with ChatGPT opens up a world of possibilities for automation and interaction with AI. We are no longer limited to asking our AI questions; we can now ask you to take action on our behalf. I’m excited to see how this integration evolves and what new capabilities it will bring to ChatGPT in the future.

These are just two examples of the many plugins available for ChatGPT. Others include OpenTable for making restaurant reservations, Expedia for finding flights and hotels, and many more.

For example, there is a Plugin with to provide market data from crypto to the chatbot. I have to say that the connection doesn’t work very well yet and the visualization of the data is poor, but let’s give them a little bit more time…

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What is really exciting about ChatGPT plugins is that they not only extend the capabilities of the tool, but also make it more interactive and useful. Instead of simply answering your questions, ChatGPT can now perform actions on your behalf, interact with other apps and services, and provide you with more detailed and accurate information.

In short, ChatGPT plugins are opening up a world of possibilities for artificial intelligence and human language interaction. I’m excited to see how these plugins develop and what new capabilities they bring to ChatGPT in the future.

Yours in Crypto and AI