Google death

Surely we all remember more or less the first time we used Google. At that time, there were already information search engines and classifiers. With a little skill, you could locate the information you were looking for in a more or less efficient way. But Google appeared, and we discovered that there was another much more efficient way to access the information that exists on the Internet.

A week ago I had the same feeling again. I tried OpenAi’s ChatGTP, an AI chat that responds reasonably and with reliable information to your questions. And like many of us who are into this AI thing and know how complicated it is, I was pleasantly surprised that IT WORKS. It works very well.

I’m going to skip the technical part of how it works, the technological miracle, the training it takes… because what matters here is the impact it can have.

But before two limitations to consider:

  1. First of all, keep in mind that it is in beta, it still has a long way to evolve. But it can evolve very, very quickly because an important part of this evolution comes from error testing, from having thousands of users testing and reporting incorrect answers in order to improve, and that’s where we are. But that can go very, very fast because in just 5 days it has already reached 1 million users. If we compare how much time took for other innovations to reach 1 milion users:
  •   Netflix – 3.5 years
  •   AirBnB – 2.5 years
  •   Facebook – 10 months
  •   Spotify – 5 months
  •   GI – 2.5 months
  •   iPhone – 74 days
  •   ChatGPT – 5 days

2. Second, it is not connected to the internet. She has been trained with information prior to Dec 2021 and she does not have access to consult information from the internet in real time, so do not ask her for the result of Spain against Morocco in the World Cup.

Still, its results are incredible. Here are some examples so you can try and play with it here ( :

Related to Blockchain:

  • Try giving her a smart contract. She will review it and if she finds an error, she will point it out and propose how to solve it. It’s like an audit AI.
  • Ask her to write you a little programming code.
  • Pass her a piece of code and try to translate it to another programming language.
  • Explain some complex technical concept to you, such as differences between PoW and PoS or between Security Token and Utility Token.

Finance Related:

  • Ask her about any economic or market theory. Didactic and correct answers will surprise you.
  • Ask her for investment advice, she will not tell you where to invest but she will tell you, for example, to diversify, to get well informed,…
  • Give her some data, she will point out what she see on it, or will have an explanation.
  • Or ask her for an explanation about the difference between M1 and M3 of monetary mass theory.

Related to the day to day:

  • Ask her to help you with the menu for the week.
  • Tell her what you have in the fridge and to suggest dishes for dinner.
  • Ask her for reviews of movies, books, theater, …
  • Ask her to recommend you an author of the genre you like.
  • Rewrite the lyrics of a song with a different theme, for example, rewrite Serrat Mediterraneo’s song as if you were a Blockchain programmer.

For teachers and learners, that’s a game changer. You can spend hours chatting with her. Look for a topic that you master and put her to the test, you will see that she knows more than it seems.

But the most amazing thing is her learning ability. If you ask her to give you advice with a sense of humor, with an Andalusian accent or how an illustrious character would answer a question, he is able to learn what does it means and put this style in the answer.

It is still too early to know the real impact of this advance, but for me, this year 2022 will be written in the history of AI. What is coming in 2023 is integration and that is where we are going to see more tangible results. The real explosion will happen in the next few years.

For example, a service has already been created where an illiterate person can send a poorly written email (with mistakes, without formatting,…) and the ChatGTP AI will return a perfectly written professional text. Give it a try, it’s absolutely spectacular. You put in: “Write me a professional email about” abd the subject you want, and she writes you a spectacular email in a moment.

Does this mean the death of Google?

Probably not. Google will remain as a tool to search for information on the web (pages, companies, images, videos, … but ChatGPT (or the one that replaces it) will serve to reason. AI offers a new service that we have never had before and this may change absolutely everything, from our way of learning, working, exploring, communicating, researching,…

At BELOBABA we are very attentive to the changes that this will entail because our investment strategies are based on collecting innovative long-term trends with the ability to disrupt different fields or sectors across the board, and this is undoubtedly a revolution for workers in White neck.

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Soon we will publish a video with a small demo of some of the things that can be done with this ChatGPT, don’t miss it!!

Yours in crypto and in AI.