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Valentín Santamaría


Invest with Valentín Santamaría

Invest with Valentín Santamaría and his revolutionary active management methodology with 5 years of track record: the VS120 index. One of the most representative crypto index in the industry. This ETP is suitable for all types of investors who have a medium and long-term strategy without sacrifice liquidity.

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Carlos Gómez


Invest with Carlos Gómez

The next Bitcoin halving will be one of the last chances to achieve an extraordinary investment growth in our life time. Participate in this Strategy with our analysts with smart entry points to surf the next big wave.
This Index is suitable for long-term horizon and non liquid strategies.

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Adrián Sánchez


Invest with Adrián Sánchez

The mandate of DeFi Dapps is to invest in DAPPs that allow the Defi world to operate properly. There will be neither coins that have their own Blockchain, nor DAOs. It will be long-term only and will not include stablecoins. It is designed to be a part of the portfolio that also includes hedging and exposure to other cryptocurrencies and stablecoins under management taking into account the trend of the asset.

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Dani Contreras & Toni Garballo


Invest with Daniel Contreras & Toni Garballo

50% of population will be gamers by 2024. Gaming and eSports are growing with 2 digits every year, blockchain games more than 500% last year. Moreover, it is expected the average internet user to spend up to six hours a day in metaverse experiences by 2030. Learn and grow from our specialist Team in BELOBABA. It is always an option to simply not participate, but will you lose this opportunity in NFT, gaming and metaverse?

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