Ethereum, where is it located?

We start talking about the first one: The time when there is a significant increase in the price and popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. In this way, it is said that there is a “crypto spring” when cryptocurrencies experience strong growth in value.

But also:

In other cases, “crypto spring” can be used to describe a time when significant advances and technological developments are taking place in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

It is at this moment, where I think, we are. In addition, looking at the total market capitalization graph of crypto assets, it suggests that, after the winter, hard, a great bottom is forming.

And that is where, apart from bitcoin, you have to look at other crypto assets, for example Ethereum…


I would also like to talk about Ethereum updates, as a network and what finally affects its price:

Shanghai will be Ethereum’s first upgrade after The Merge in September 2022, which marked the blockchain’s consensus transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS). .

The Shanghai hard fork is part of a long-term plan to improve the scalability, security and sustainability of the network.

Information about this update:

The upgrade from Ethereum to Shanghai is a hard fork.

The Shanghai hard fork will implement EIP-4895, which allows validators to withdraw staked ETH (passive management with pre-scheduled European expiration) from December 2020.

Around 14% of all ETH is currently staked, representing 16 million tokens and a current value of over $26 billion.

The Shanghai hard fork also has several other EIPs, mostly designed to reduce gas costs for Ethereum developers.

Notably, the fork does not include EIP-4844, which makes it easy to “shard” the Ethereum blockchain into multiple chains to facilitate scalability.

Also important is the perspective based on fractals, which places Ether at the target of 0.075 BTC for June, 10% above current price levels. So even if bitcoin goes up, ethereum should go higher, according to fractals.

The direct chart of ethereum, on a monthly chart, suggests that exciting moments await us in the future, with a new bullish structure under construction and indicators turning higher, in this theoretical long-term bullish.

Not Financial Advice.