Esports and Gamefi, good friends


Esports continue to focus on blockchain gaming

At Belobaba, already for some time we have been talking about the relationship between blockchain gaming and esports. The first article was back at the beginning of this year, and in recent months there has been a lot of news about it, such as the agreement between Team Heretics and Ola GG, two important players in each of their sectors in the market.

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But this does not stop here, since we are not only talking about games, but also about metaverses, in which we have already had news such as Team Heretics and Team Queso with the Outer Ring project, this month we learned about the agreement between Faze Clan and The Sandbox to create their “Faze World” in this metaverse. 

Teams seek to understand and test what is happening in the blockchain gaming ecosystem and are looking for allies in this sector to see new ways to create engagement with their fans and also new ways of monetization. 

Fans and followers of esports and video gamers are called to be standard bearers of the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Not only because of the size of their community, let’s not forget that fantastic figure that Newzoo told us that more than half of the population will be “gamers” in 2030, but also because it is a well-known “environment” of digital assets and remote interaction through blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

But we must not forget that a large part of the gamers does not see with good eyes, to put it in a politically correct way, these incursions of their teams in this world.

The affection that we see in the teams is well rewarded by many web3 world publishers, such as Sky Mavis, known for his game Axie Infinity, who have already set their eyes on esports and are promoting them in their community by giving grants for the creation and promotion of competitions in their game, as we saw at the Barcelona event.

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Along the same lines, Guild of Guardians, a blockchain-powered fantasy RPG for mobile where players can play, own and trade characters to compete against each other. It has partnered with seven esports organizations: Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pajamas, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid.

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It is clear that for the benefits that it can bring to both, either by having new sources of income in the case of equipment and in attracting the gamer community, which we must remember still has some reluctance to the world of blockchain. 

Let’s not forget, as we said in the last article, that in the second quarter of 2022, gaming apps made up 52% of the activity in the blockchain ecosystem. 

This and the current market situation, make this moment a propitious time for alliances for a much stronger bear market exit and with synergies that have grown the associated projects. 

This is a vision that we share at Belobaba and we are working to expand our alliances and investments in the gaming area.