[Don’t] Playing Games with your Money

You can relax, I assure you.

I just needed to commence an article by shaking things a bit since after a few months of crypto winter some of us are starting to get kinda numb.

However, the title is not completely out of topic.

If DeFi (for some) represents a threat to the traditional finance industry, let me talk to you today about the largest threat to the traditional sports industry… e-sports or short for electronic sports.

What started more than 30 years ago with arcade games, to what was transformed into Console games and finally Multi Players Online Video Games, is now the fastest growing sporting discipline in the world.

In a similar way that thousands of people fill Football Stadiums to watch their favorite soccer teams such as Real Madrid, Liverpool or FC Barcelona, massive crowds fill entire arenas to watch organized teams integrated by professional gamers, playing against each other the most popular video games of the moment.

But as you guessed right, 15 thousand people physically watching a competition is just the tip of the iceberg to what represents a multibillion-dollar business.

Millions of followers are connected to their favorite teams and individual players watching them playing online video games and exercising their influencer status in the pure sense of the word.

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These guys and girls are the new Shaquille O’Neill or Gerard Piqué of the sport. Don’t believe me? Well, will the fact that both Shaquille O’Neill and Gerard Piqué are now owners of e-sports teams help to realize that we are in front of something?

With more than a Billion people playing, watching and consuming e-sports content every year and an industry that is tipped to grow from its current USD 2.5 Billion a year to more than USD 13 Billion in by 2027 (x5), it is not hard to imagine the real potential and power of this sector.

Out of these number, so far only a small percentage belongs to the web3 world, however this is not the rocky road process of trying to sell crypto and decentralized technology to a normal bypassed in any city of North America or Europe, I am talking here about building a bridge to engage and connect with people that is used to the concept of tokens or skins (as they are well known), real time interaction and the need to transfer value electronically in a very efficient way.

I am talking about a legion of clever and tech savvy people that simply gets the value of Blockchain right away and the user case to solve and fix the inefficiencies of their world.

Did I say that there are more than 1 Billion of them? Did I also said that they live in pretty much in every single country of the planet, that their age range is between 18 to 35 years old and the gender distribution is 60% male and 40% female (far from the perfect and idea 50%-50% but already the envy of any other sport discipline)?

The real user case for Blockchain and crypto is in the philtrum (right under our noses).

That way I am so proud to work in an organization that simply gets it!

Unless you live under a Rock, you must have seen the Press Release about Belobaba sponsoring a winning e-sport organization and supporting it in their journey to become the first tokenized e-sports team in the world. I guess having the first tokenized hedge fund in the world walking shoulder to shoulder with them makes all the sense.

Just Google “Belobaba e-sports” and you will quickly find out who are our partners in Gaming!

Another huge step to become the Investment Fund of Choice of the Blockchain Gaming Industry.

Yours in Crypto