Oh my God.. deja-vu….

This week has broken all the schemes with which we are working… let’s be honest: An event like this is difficult to foresee (a full-fledged black swan). Although there is an anomalous concentration of these phenomena, this does not mean that we can predict them.

Undoubtedly, an event of this caliber completely changes the work scenario of a trader. By definition, when we trade we must adapt to the market scenario, leaving behind approaches or strategies defined in previous contexts.

Bitcoin maintains the sideways trend

In this sense, if we can see how Bitcoin has been able to not lose the upper zone of the long-term bearish guideline, which technically places it in a lateral range zone until it breaks through the resistance zones located in the environment of the $19,000

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This is the uncertain scenario that we have to work with as traders at the moment. It seems that the market is determined not to give us joy of any kind, and as soon as it seems that we can have a potential rise, a distortion appears that returns us to the bottom of the chart, a fact that should surely make us reflect

Ethereum loses bearish guideline

The analysis of the Ethereum chart has a worse diagnosis, since we clearly see how we have lost the long-term bearish guideline, which places us in a bearish context in the market. Although it should be noted that we can see a recovery of this guideline in the coming hours

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Caution must be maximum at times like this, because there are signs to think that the episode is not over yet. The news that may appear in the coming days could cause notable movements in the market

Where has the money gone?

The market has suffered a strong setback with a general depreciation of all assets. But we can analyze the flows of money to try to understand where it has gone to take refuge.

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Paradoxically, we are seeing how in the last hours, the upward movement of rebounds has been concentrated mainly in altcoins while another part has remained in stable currency. They have not reacted, or they have not done so much, neither BTC nor ETH

The fact that blockchains are public gives us an excellent opportunity to access information that has a high value for the trader. With this information, we can try to establish the routes through which money moves based on different types of assets.

In this case we make a comparison of:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ether
  3. Stable coins
  4. Alt Coins

By grouping the assets in this way, we get a very interesting indicator of market sentiment, something that we are delving into and that can be very useful for making our investment decisions.

Short-term strategies

Short-term strategies in situations like this require great patience and planning.

We must establish scenarios in which we consider that the market normalizes and from that moment on, reconsider entry points

At this time it is more important than ever to wait for the right moment to enter the market, with a lot of patience.