Convergence between blockchain gaming and metaverses

The border or the differences between what is a game and what is a metaverse is not easy to explain and gamers say that metaverses are games with social attributes (concerts, meeting with friends, movie previews, etc…) and supporters of metaverses say that gaming is used to gamify our sociability. 

Whichever way it is, we have metaverses where we can play games and games where we can say “metaverse” or better relate socially. 

These already started years ago and a clear example is Fornite, from Epic Games which went from being a game to a metaverse in a simple way as people started staying in the game to hang out with friends. 

Recently, Epic released the latest version of its game engine, Unreal Engine 5, which includes highly detailed 3D object creation of photorealistic environments. From the looks of it, Unreal is going in the direction of being able to create experiences in the metaverse. 

If we add advances in hardware and artificial intelligence to these new capabilities of the game engine, NVidia is working on improving its graphics cards by applying artificial intelligence to reduce the need for computing capacity in them and this will lower costs. Very interesting article on how to create new realities with just a drawing.

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We are already reaching a stage where graphics technology can build worlds so real that they can come out of games and be used as realistic simulations of things we would normally do in person. 

We’re at a stage where the same kind of high-resolution graphics can be used for movies, video games, architectural visualization or car design. We can create digital twins of real things.

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This brings us to a new opportunity for users or content creators themselves to bring their own creations to games or metaverses. Can you imagine creating your own planet in the Outer Ring or Illuvium? This can create new revenue streams not only for blockchain games and metaverses but also for users and content creators who can see how other users pay to be on their planet or buy from their stores.

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This would also be an important step towards decentralization as the current web is dominated by a few large platforms and app stores that charge a lot of money to reach users. 

In order to create decentralized games and metaverses we must work on the basis of open systems and standards as well as with companies that are willing to collaborate, to achieve not only decentralization, but also interoperability. 

This is where blockchain and cryptocurrencies have their application since everything created by users cannot be guarded by any company, but must be decentralized and open to all and have very low transaction costs. Something that today is only an aspiration. 

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The idea that your avatar, NFT, will be unique wherever it is compatible at a conceptual level is an incredible idea that is not only going to involve collaborative work, but also a very important technological change. Important part of that will be privacy and the development of sovereign digital identity. 

While today the digital economy around digital assets, NFTs, is very speculative and with little practical application, we believe that in the future this is going to be a very important economy and these digital assets will have a great utility in it.

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Other technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are going to be very important for blockchain gaming and metaverses. These are going to have purely digital actions and proposals, and that is not going to be possible to have in the real world. That is where these two technologies are important. Let’s think about the applications of these technologies in use cases such as fashion: it is not exciting to buy clothes using 2D photos in an ecommerce, no matter how cheap they are, but if you can try them on in real time and buy them for your metaverse and your real world, it will be a brutal experience. 

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Just remember that the adoption of these technologies has potential audience of more than 3,000 million players who do not have and some do not even want to learn blockchain, about wallets, gas etc. and this is the key point for convergence. 

From Belobaba we continue our commitment to the world of blockchain gaming and the metaverse, even with the current market situation as it is not only a way to have income, but it will be a change of social and technological paradigm.