Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

There is no consensus on the definition of what AI, and we have been developing it since the 1970s. Even less consensus there is on the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Bless this debate. AGI is a theoretical form of AI where a machine would have an intelligence equal to humans (the singularity); Yes, there is a certain consensus […]

Legal and Tax Advice for Cryptocurrency Investing

As individuals, investing in the blockchain World, and specifically in a crypto wallet, could be as simple or as complex as needed. It is interesting to explore a bit deeper what this means. An investment though a wallet could have similar consequences as to have an offshore financial traditional account, from a tax perspective. There […]

DUBAI, the gateway to emerging markets

With a clear and decisive pro-crypto approach, #Dubai has become a global hotspot for both blockchain and #Web3. Growing and accelerating the arrival of a new era in terms of economic liberalization we are going to live as digital individuals, where young businessmen and entrepreneurs from Africa, India and Southeast Asia, among other countries, understand this, knowing that cryptocurrencies […]

Crypto Economy; Part 1

crypto economy revolution evolution survival financial system 2022

FOREWORD In almost every country, the financial sector is in the midst of a profound transformation. The worst thing is the clear evidence (at the political and financial level) of no unity in the face of this important challenge, a challenge that tries to solve the big problem that is coming their way. There is […]

The New New England

belobaba crypto investments

Every week we find ourselves in the eternal dilemma of narrating the fall of the empire or the creation of the new economy. Perhaps one cannot be separated from the other. Last week we discussed the monumental shit of the British empire with its tax cuts and its impact on the Pound (God Save the Bank […]

Doped yield farming in Avalanche

Strategy summary: Product: Basic income + Variable income Time frame: 1 year Asset: USDT Network: Avalanche Protocols: and Risk: Medium/High Profitability: 42.1%. Cost: 14.28%   Executive Summary: Avalanche is an open source platform, ideal for launching decentralized finance applications that is creating an interoperable and highly scalable ecosystem. Avalanche’s network confirms transactions in less […]

BELOBABA Business Plan 2022-2024

BELOBABA Business Plan 2022-2024 with Lluís Mas, Belobaba’s President and Founder. I: The agreement with Team Queso has recently been published in the media. What does this investment mean for Belobaba? Lluís Mas: The Gamefi sector has been in our portfolio since the end of 2020. In 2021 we have professionalized with the incorporation of […]

The advantages of crypto winter

Now that we are living in a winter that never seems to end, it’s a good time to think about what’s good about having a crypto winter. Let’s start by defining crypto winter “season in which there is a succession of declining highs and declining lows on high time scales”. Based on that definition, we […]

Diversificar invirtiendo en Bitcoin

En ocasiones, cuando explico a la gente que solo invierto en Bitcoin, me hacen comentarios del tipo: “Es muy arriesgado invertir solo en un activo”, “No hay que poner todos los huevos en la misma cesta “, “Los buenos inversores diversifican su portafolio”. Estoy de acuerdo con estas afirmaciones y, salvo que se posea información […]