BELOBABA Secures VASP License in Europe: A New Horizon for the Exchange

Unlocking New Horizons: BELOBABA’s VASP License Achievement We are thrilled to announce that #BELOBABA has officially obtained the VASP (Virtual Asset Service Provider) license in Europe. This significant milestone reinforces our commitment to delivering quality and trustworthy services to our community. What does securing the VASP license in Europe mean for BELOBABA? In summary, securing […]

La Coexistencia de Sistemas Centralizados y Descentralizados en el Mundo Cripto

belobaba trading

Un análisis de BELOBABA basado en una entrevista conducida por Gonzalo Aimar en “Solo Finanzas” En BELOBABA, reconocemos la importancia de las discusiones que definen el futuro de las criptomonedas. El equilibrio entre los sistemas centralizados y descentralizados es un tema que genera intenso debate en la comunidad cripto. Ambos sistemas ofrecen beneficios únicos, pero […]

The Middle East Stock Exchange

Dubai’s Technological Leap: Blockchain, Fintech, and the Stock Exchange The Middle East Stock Exchange is a general term used to refer to the various stock exchanges and financial markets operating in the Middle East region. This region includes countries in West Asia and parts of North Africa, and each of these countries may have its […]


In a previous article, weeks ago, I was explaining what a VASP was. Today we are going to expand this concept and we will also talk about the CASP, for those interested in learning about the world of crypto assets, and especially their regulation. The Emergence of VASPs: The concept of VASPs emerged alongside the […]

SP500 & VIX

Decoding the VIX: Insights into Market Sentiment and Risk The importance of volatility in financial markets is so high that large funds and financial institutions follow it to make decisions to position their investments. In these words I would like to shed light on how it works and also analyze volatility, in relation to the […]

CBDC, next about

CBDCs: The Next Evolution in Global Finance Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital representations of a country’s national currency that are issued and regulated by the central bank. These digital currencies are designed to provide a secure and efficient means of digital payment and are backed by the full faith and credit of the […]

VASP and history

The Emergence of VASPs: The concept of VASPs emerged alongside the rise of Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin gained popularity, the need for platforms to exchange and trade it became evident. The earliest exchanges acted as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of Bitcoin, laying the foundation for what would later become known as […]

ISO 20022; The standard that will connect financial reporting

In the cryptocurrency sector, there is much talk about the ISO 20022 financial messaging standard, a standard that directly affects them by applying advantages and disadvantages to their proper use as a financial technology, and not as investment instruments. With the rapid evolution of the cryptocurrency market, it is important to stay up-to-date on the […]

Miners x9 Results: The Signal of Traditional Money Awaiting Crypto Entry


If you are an institutional investor you don’t have a lot of options to enter into the crypto market with certain regulated conditions. One of those solutions is investing in mining companies of Bitcoin. The current climate in the crypto industry is marked by an eagerness among traditional and institutional investors to enter the space. […]

MICA; The sheriff of the new west

A new player arrives in the new west, #MICA, carrying a powerful regulatory weapon on its belt regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies, aiming to enforce its law. The European Union’s Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation seeks to bring order, control, and a sense of sanity to the crypto-assets market, although it is true that it does not […]