Friend.Tech, the Trojan horse

Be cautious with everything new coming into the crypto space, as often we don’t know what we’re dealing with, what information we’re sharing, and the hidden interests behind it. I’m not an advocate of being the first to jump in or trying anything without prior investigation and audit, as it feels like I’m committing a […]

AI, Blockchain, and the Price of Our Digital Identity

Artificial intelligence

Some time ago, we emphasized that the integration of diverse technologies leads to exponential innovation. This notion becomes especially poignant when we discuss the interplay between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain. But we have to stay alert, not any combination is reliable. Let’s see one example: Worldcoin In a digital era where AI challenges content […]

How to Make it in Web3

As someone who has successfully navigated the process of getting a tech projects accepted in by investors, I wanted to share some tips for those who may be starting this journey.  Incubators can provide invaluable resources for startups, including mentorship, funding, and access to a network of potential investors and customers. Here are a few […]

La muerte de Google

Artificial intelligence

Seguramente todos recordamos más o menos la primera vez que usamos Google. En ese momento ya existían buscadores y clasificadores de información, con un poco de destreza, podrías localizar la información que buscabas de una forma más o menos eficiente. Pero al aparecer Google, aprendimos que había otra forma mucho más eficiente de acceder a la información que […]

Google death

Artificial intelligence

Surely we all remember more or less the first time we used Google. At that time, there were already information search engines and classifiers. With a little skill, you could locate the information you were looking for in a more or less efficient way. But Google appeared, and we discovered that there was another much more […]

Building a business in blockchain games

business in blockchain games

We’ve talked about the future of blockchain gaming and it is clear that metaverse, or virtual worlds, as you prefer are already changing the limits between games and metaverse.  In addition, new paradigm of blockchain, where players are owners of NFTs and where those NFTs can be an avatar, skin or any in game asset […]

How to approach blockchain gaming

blockchain gaming

Summer is here but web3 and blockchain gaming is keep going given us a headlines week after week, showing, despite the current economic situation, is growing and innovation every day. During the 3 weeks, we have been reading different news about how the big players in the gaming sector were taking positions on the use […]

BELOBABA In the Prestigious PWC Crypto Hedge Fund Report 2022

The annual Crypto Hedge Fund report from PwCElwood & AIMA – The Alternative Investment Management Association is now live and available publicly on our website: We’re very pleased to have contributed to PwC 4th Annual Crypto Hedge Fund Report. Once again, the report functions as a census for dedicated digital asset funds covering AuM, exposures, terms and more (a […]

The market stumbles on the FED

Undoubtedly, the phrase that “the market always puts you in the right place” is not rhetoric, and events that remind us of this appear periodically. We have spent weeks with a dangerous dynamic for the bulls, in what could be defined as a listless market, without strength and with little movement. This is something that […]