Technical Figures 1: Triple Bottom and Double Top

August is usually a month with a low trading volume and this first week is a clear example of it, since we have experienced a week without major changes in the tokens with the highest capitalization of the crypto market, in which $BTC has moved in a range between the resistance of $24k and without […]

How to approach blockchain gaming

blockchain gaming

Summer is here but web3 and blockchain gaming is keep going given us a headlines week after week, showing, despite the current economic situation, is growing and innovation every day. During the 3 weeks, we have been reading different news about how the big players in the gaming sector were taking positions on the use […]

The power of the algorithms

We could practically duplicate the comment from the previous week, and it would still be valid for today. So this time I have decided to change the theme of the post a bit and talk a little about my real activity in trading and what I do To be more exact, my approach and activity […]

Sovereign Funds into crypto (I)

Sovereign funds are the most important players in the financial system. In this series of 4 weekly articles we will analyze every Thursday during this month of August the current situation and possible impact of Sovereign funds into crypto. Impact of Sovereign funds into crypto Who has the power in financial markets? It’s not who you […]

Web, Blockchain and Crypto; History and Fundamentals Part 2

Continuing with the different layers and architectures of blockchain described in the previous article, we are facing a huge opportunity and many dilemmas still to be solved: adoption, compression and acceptance among them. Seeing the historical path of the web, we can better understand that in each phase new complexities and players are added, so […]

Cathie Wood and Coinbase: Paper Hands and Martingales


Cathie Wood is world-renowned for her investments in Tesla, Coinbase, and high-tech companies. Today we are going to talk about the strategy that she has been applying regarding her participation in Coinbase since the beginning of the COIN listing until today.  Coinbase launches its shares under the ticker COIN on April 14, 2021. A milestone […]

Monthly analytics update

We are approaching the end of July with another positive week that leaves us with a monthly result in $BTC close to +20%, in a recovery movement within the downtrend that we have been dragging since last year, as we can see in the chart. Last week I commented on a triple bottom figure that […]

Is the NFT market still alive?

Has the NFT market been beaten by the Bear Market? Was it really a speculative JPEG bubble that has finally burst? I would say the NFT is wounded but not dead. There is no doubt that the crypto market is not going through its best moments in 2022. It started with 2.4 trillion dollars of […]

Adquiring speed

Week in which we have known two important data to take into account. On the one hand, we have seen how the preliminary data would indicate that the US economy is entering a recession, after negative growth data for two consecutive quarters. On the other hand, we have an overheated economy with high inflation, which […]