Lo que dicen los unos, los otros y Harvard.

Bitcoin as an alternative to the gold's reserve-of-value systemglobal generational economic battle decentralized finance

Hay una batalla mundial, generacional, económica, que dentro de unos años los historiadores y economistas nos relatarán como nos cuentan ahora la batalla de las Termópilas entre griegos y persas. Pero para entenderla, necesitamos hacer un esfuerzo. Por desgracia, la batalla incluye mucho ruido y propaganda, hay que mirar más allá de los grandes titulares, […]

What they say. What the others say. What Harvard say.

Bitcoin as an alternative to the gold's reserve-of-value systemglobal generational economic battle decentralized finance

There is a global, generational, economic battle that in a few years historians and economists will teach us as they teach the battle of Thermopylae between the Greeks and Persians in class. But to understand it, we need to make an effort. Unfortunately, the battle includes a lot of noise and propaganda, you have to […]

A Psychological Explanation

crypto ftx black swan event psychological explanation social influence terra luna 2022

Some months ago we saw the fall and disappearance of a macro project (Terra/Luna). This week we said goodbye to FTX, the second (or fourth, depending on the metric you use) biggest exchange in the ecosystem. And also this week, , a big international scam with hundreds of workers affected 17.000 investors and took 2.400 millions […]

The Biggest Whale

crypto whales

One of the biggest threats to the Crypto ecosystem is the behavior of some whales that may abuse of their position of dominance over the market by manipulating prices with their movements. This problem, which should tend to disappear as social adoption becomes more widespread, is a major headache for analysts, and for those who […]

Crypto spring is coming…

analysis of the crypto market

Crypto winter is dead… Long live the CryptoSpring I know that as the title of this post, the phrase could be described as risky at least, but it is not formulated from a subjective approach, it is made from a totally objective and quantitative approach, based on events that have happened in the market and […]

What should the Fed have done?

Seen with the perspective of time, it is quite evident that the Fed is clearly late. There are several factors to take into account: A. Almost flat inflation in the last decade. B. Bullish cycle in financial markets, in general. C. Expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet. D. Economic stimulus packages. E. Public deficit that […]

Weekly Analysis: $BTC, BTC Dominance and $HT

Back and forth week in the assets with the largest capitalization of the crypto market, in which we have seen how $BTC accumulated losses of more than -5% in the middle of the week, to later bounce from the support zone and approach the weekly close with a result close to 0%. This bounce adds […]

2022 Q3. Blockchain gaming is still kicking

belobaba investment gaming

While I was writing this article the market was in red. The announcement of IPC in the USA was the trigger.  This situation is not new in the crypto currency market in the last quarter and the bear market is still “alive”.  Big numbers of Blockchain Gaming  The last report of DappRadar Q3 2022, explains […]

The CPI sets the pace


As in previous months, the market is attentive to macro news, which is what is setting the pace and the evolution of prices. In our strategy, we used to focus on central bank meetings as reference news and some labor market data, as is the case of the NFP USA But this scenario has changed […]

Google is in-the-house

Social and institutional adoption are two of the most important drivers that can push the digital asset sector. In this case we have the adoption of a private institution, which can significantly feed other smaller companies and social adoption. Google has just partnered with Coinbase to accept cryptocurrency payment for its on-cloud services. That is a long-term strategic move for both of […]