Liquid Staking, one token to rule all

In terms of economics, risk and management, the data has always been on the side of staking, but for some time now a new financial structure seems to be gaining […]

Until the Trend Changes

The trend is your friend, all the way”. It’s a principle of technical analysis that usually works very well. Even better than we think. For this reason, let’s consider how […]

Tenset Analysis – 10SET

The overall crypto asset market situation remains largely unchanged. In both $BTC and $ETH we have seen a week of low volatility and maintain their price above the previous week’s […]

Terra Crisis VS how Soros dropped the Pound

We’ve seen the first “exchange rate” crisis in the history of crypto-economics. The Terra/Luna attack will go down in the economic history books. If you open any classic book of economic […]

How To Understand and Survive Crypto Cycles

SETTLING: In the short term, we will always find many bullish/bearish catalysts that will undoubtedly influence the market. However, in the long term, have a strong conviction that we are […]

The crypto hangover

Debt is a double edge sword. It can allow you to gain more money or ruin your financial health, magnifying your losses. When debt is cheap we tend to jump […]

Cryptofunds22: Belobaba leading the path

Some Images from #cryptofunds22 in Dubai & Abu Dhabi where we were talking to asset managers, family officers & regulators who want to access to #crypto investments. Despite the enviable recent performance of many […]