The crypto hangover

Debt is a double edge sword. It can allow you to gain more money or ruin your financial health, magnifying your losses. When debt is cheap we tend to jump […]

ETH Analysis

Week marked by the general downward movement of the cryptoactive market, which is clearly seen in the total market capitalization graph, which made a downward movement of -28% in four […]

Don’t be afraid of the whales game

Those of us who have known bitcoin at $ 3K after having reached $ 20K, can not say that it sank today at $ 30K. Buying or selling an asset […]

The end of the Stock-to-flow model?

We have been talking for months about a market that is in a distribution and lateral development stage. The sharp fall from the November 2021 highs is still weighing on […]

Bitcoin Correlations and Other Lies

BTC has been experiencing some interesting movements in the last weeks, more related to what happens outside the crypto market than with its fundamental metrics (on chain looks pretty good). […]

MONERO Analysis – XMR

This week started with new monthly lows in $BTC and $ETH that falsified the support zone in both cases, but that same day left a bullish rejection move that leaves […]

Fake… Again

One more week we face the challenge of telling you what is happening in the market, and we do it in complicated conditions, as it is not making it easy […]

Non-directional opportunities in Crypto

The correlation between Bitcoin and the rest of the market is very high. This means that if Bitcoin drops, altcoins tend to fall with it. We should spend some time […]