Blockchain and DApps

Saving time in the search for different metrics, with the aim of gathering this information, processing it and being able to have a clear perspective of how to proceed. Given the expectations generated, undoubtedly helps in terms of investment in crypto assets in the decision-making process that we carry out every day as a regulated […]

BELOBABA & CUD started a long-term collaboration

We are excited to share with all of you the long-therm partnership initiated between CUD Canadian University Dubai and BELOBABA. Some figures of Canadian Dubai University: We were last week in Dubai with Dr Usman Zafar MENA Manager of BELOBABA and Hanane Ellaiti M.ED Head of Corporate Partnerships/Business Strategies with Lluís Mas founder and president of BELOBABA. BELOBABA and CUD are launching 2 […]

BELOBABA Receives Prestigious International Prime Award 2022 in Dubai

The V Hotel Dubai

BELOBABA is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious International Prime Award 2022 in Dubai. This award recognizes the company’s innovative approach to banking and its commitment to empowering users to take control of their financial future. As the first multi-strategy cryptocurrency hedge fund with a regulated security token, BELOBABA has made a […]

Dubai Esports Festival, esports needs Blockchain

Dubai Esports Festival - Esports need blockchain

Today, Thursday 10/11, the Initiate Summit of the Dubai Esports Festival ended. Meeting where BELOBABA attended to explain why from our point of view, gaming and esports will be the gateway for crypto assets to massive adoption and how we are managing the investment in them. The event is dedicated to gaming, esports and PopCon […]

Building a business in blockchain games

business in blockchain games

We’ve talked about the future of blockchain gaming and it is clear that metaverse, or virtual worlds, as you prefer are already changing the limits between games and metaverse.  In addition, new paradigm of blockchain, where players are owners of NFTs and where those NFTs can be an avatar, skin or any in game asset […]

2022 Q3. Blockchain gaming is still kicking

belobaba investment gaming

While I was writing this article the market was in red. The announcement of IPC in the USA was the trigger.  This situation is not new in the crypto currency market in the last quarter and the bear market is still “alive”.  Big numbers of Blockchain Gaming  The last report of DappRadar Q3 2022, explains […]

Esports and Gamefi, good friends

Esports continue to focus on blockchain gaming At Belobaba, already for some time we have been talking about the relationship between blockchain gaming and esports. The first article was back at the beginning of this year, and in recent months there has been a lot of news about it, such as the agreement between Team Heretics and Ola GG, two important players in each of their sectors in the market. No hay texto alternativo para esta imagen But this does not stop here, since we are not only talking about games, but also about metaverses, in which we have already had news such as Team Heretics and Team Queso with the Outer Ring project, this month we learned about the agreement between Faze Clan and The Sandbox to create their "Faze World" in this metaverse. Teams seek to understand and test what is happening in the blockchain gaming ecosystem and are looking for allies in this sector to see new ways to create engagement with their fans and also new ways of monetization. Fans and followers of esports and video gamers are called to be standard bearers of the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Not only because of the size of their community, let's not forget that fantastic figure that Newzoo told us that more than half of the population will be "gamers" in 2030, but also because it is a well-known "environment" of digital assets and remote interaction through blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But we must not forget that a large part of the gamers does not see with good eyes, to put it in a politically correct way, these incursions of their teams in this world. The affection that we see in the teams is well rewarded by many web3 world publishers, such as Sky Mavis, known for his game Axie Infinity, who have already set their eyes on esports and are promoting them in their community by giving grants for the creation and promotion of competitions in their game, as we saw at the Barcelona event. No hay texto alternativo para esta imagen Along the same lines, Guild of Guardians, a blockchain-powered fantasy RPG for mobile where players can play, own and trade characters to compete against each other. It has partnered with seven esports organizations: Cloud9, Fnatic, NAVI, Ninjas in Pajamas, SK Gaming, T1, and Team Liquid. No hay texto alternativo para esta imagen It is clear that for the benefits that it can bring to both, either by having new sources of income in the case of equipment and in attracting the gamer community, which we must remember still has some reluctance to the world of blockchain. Let's not forget, as we said in the last article, that in the second quarter of 2022, gaming apps made up 52% of the activity in the blockchain ecosystem. This and the current market situation, make this moment a propitious time for alliances for a much stronger bear market exit and with synergies that have grown the associated projects. This is a vision that we share at Belobaba and we are working to expand our alliances and investments in the gaming area.

Esports continue to focus on blockchain gaming At Belobaba, already for some time we have been talking about the relationship between blockchain gaming and esports. The first article was back at the beginning of this year, and in recent months there has been a lot of news about it, such as the agreement between Team […]

AxieCon: A Digital Nation Gathers

As we discussed in the last article, Blockchain Gaming desafía el bear market,  blockchain gaming is being resilient to the bear markets, in terms of UAW and investments. Nothing can prove it better than the last event in Barcelona, Axie Infinty Axiecon, where the most famous blockchain gaming has demonstrated the power of their community and […]

NFTs & Esports Synergies

Esports and NFTs are booming global phenomena converging in parallel, with no ceiling to their potential, and irremediably drawing closer to each other with a cosmic attraction power. Why wouldn’t they? There is much to be gained from their relationship. These are two rising stars of the modern world, whose symbiosis could turn into something […]

Exclusive AMA (‘Ask Me Anything’) session by LitLab Games

Next Tuesday will be the day of The Future of Gaming! BELOBABA Launchpad is organizing an exclusive ‘Ask Me Anything’ session with LitLab Games. Bring all the questions that have been brewing inside you about the Future of Gaming. It doesn’t matter if it’s a technical or a business subject. We are here to assist you […]