Monetizing the metaverse

The metaverse is growing and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. According to some studies it has multibillion-dollar investment opportunity potential. For example, like CITI’s latest […]

What a week it has been!

All of us are aware about what it has happened this week in the crypto market. The crashing fall of $LUNA and $UST, from Terra project, has put the crypto […]

Let’s build a responsible Metaverse

With the metaverse in its early stages, organizations and people have the opportunity to shape the metaverse responsibly. I strongly believe, and I hope not to be the unique, the […]

Moving from web2 to web3 gaming

Last week my colleague Toni Garballo talked about web3 and its influence on the metaverse… and taking advantage of the hype generated by his article.  We are not going to explain the technological […]

Web 3 or Metaverse, that is the question

Web3 (sometimes called web 3.0) and metaverse are two terms that have recently become a constant question in the world of technology. I’m sure you’ve heard them countless times in […]

Everything about Gaming in February

February was a bad month in general for everyone. Last 24th of February at 6:00am Rusia started the invasion of Ukraine, and the war is always bad news.  That situation […]

Gamefi + eSports = eSports 3.0

Desde inicio de año, no paramos de ver noticias de acuerdos entre equipos de esports y proyectos del mundo blockchain.  Aunque esto no es nuevo, ya que son dos mundos […]

What has happened in the beginning of 2022

As I explained in January’s article, 2022 is going to be the year of GameFi and January’s data confirms it. According to Dapp Radar, the investment in the first month […]

Banger Games To Develop A Crypto Gaming Hub

Source and Image: A Blockchain Gaming Hub is going to be created by Banger Games, a startup set to open new possibilities for gamers. Banger Games has raised €10M to develop […]