The Thriving World of Web3 Gaming: A Q3 2023 Overview

Q3 2023: A Pivotal Quarter for Web3 Gaming Growth and Innovation In the dynamic world of the gaming industry, Q3 2023 marked a significant period of growth and transformation in the Web3 gaming sector. The data provided by Dapp Radar sets the stage for understanding the latest trends and data that defined this exciting quarter […]

Desbloqueando el Potencial de DeFi y Web3

Embárcate en el futuro de DeFi y Web3 con BELOBABA Wealth Management School Estimados entusiastas de la tecnología Blockchain, Es un honor para mí anunciar mi incorporación a BELOBABA como el nuevo Head of DeFi and Web3. Mi principal misión será liderar la educación en DeFi y Web3 dentro de la BELOBABA Wealth Management School, […]

José Méndez: New Head of DeFi and Web3 at BELOBABA

José Méndez Spearheads DeFi and Web3 Education at BELOBABA We are thrilled to announce the addition of José Méndez to the BELOBABA team as our new Head of DeFi and Web3. His arrival signifies a pivotal moment in our ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging technologies and providing our community with the […]

Sega Unearths a Trove of Opportunities in the Blossoming GameFi Realm

Sega’s New Frontier: Merging Gaming with Blockchain The esteemed company Sega has identified an uncharted realm brimming with possibilities within the GameFi sector, foreseeing a bright future at this nexus of gaming and finance. This insight comes at a time when the blockchain gaming industry is in its infancy but bears evident potential to transform […]

¡Es hora de explorar Outer Ring!

Maniac Panda Games se complace en anunciar la tan esperada llegada de la Pre-Alfa de Acceso Anticipado de #OuterRing. Experimenta este increíble juego, que ya está disponible para su descarga en Blink Galaxy, la plataforma de distribución digital desarrollada por Nexxyo Labs.  Blink Galaxy sirve como centro unificado para todos los proyectos creados por el […]

Blockchain and DApps

Saving time in the search for different metrics, with the aim of gathering this information, processing it and being able to have a clear perspective of how to proceed. Given the expectations generated, undoubtedly helps in terms of investment in crypto assets in the decision-making process that we carry out every day as a regulated […]

BELOBABA & CUD started a long-term collaboration

We are excited to share with all of you the long-therm partnership initiated between CUD Canadian University Dubai and BELOBABA. Some figures of Canadian Dubai University: We were last week in Dubai with Dr Usman Zafar MENA Manager of BELOBABA and Hanane Ellaiti M.ED Head of Corporate Partnerships/Business Strategies with Lluís Mas founder and president of BELOBABA. BELOBABA and CUD are launching 2 […]

BELOBABA Receives Prestigious International Prime Award 2022 in Dubai

The V Hotel Dubai

BELOBABA is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious International Prime Award 2022 in Dubai. This award recognizes the company’s innovative approach to banking and its commitment to empowering users to take control of their financial future. As the first multi-strategy cryptocurrency hedge fund with a regulated security token, BELOBABA has made a […]

Dubai Esports Festival, esports needs Blockchain

Dubai Esports Festival - Esports need blockchain

Today, Thursday 10/11, the Initiate Summit of the Dubai Esports Festival ended. Meeting where BELOBABA attended to explain why from our point of view, gaming and esports will be the gateway for crypto assets to massive adoption and how we are managing the investment in them. The event is dedicated to gaming, esports and PopCon […]