How to approach blockchain gaming

blockchain gaming

Summer is here but web3 and blockchain gaming is keep going given us a headlines week after week, showing, despite the current economic situation, is growing and innovation every day. During the 3 weeks, we have been reading different news about how the big players in the gaming sector were taking positions on the use […]

Web, Blockchain and Crypto; History and Fundamentals Part 2

Continuing with the different layers and architectures of blockchain described in the previous article, we are facing a huge opportunity and many dilemmas still to be solved: adoption, compression and acceptance among them. Seeing the historical path of the web, we can better understand that in each phase new complexities and players are added, so […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI), key to the Metaverse?

The creation of the metaverse is not something trivial as it includes many edges in different sectors, such as technological, economic or social. In this article, with collaboration of my colleague Miquel Roig, expert in artificial intelligence and Head of Data Analysis in Belobaba, we will discuss “Artificial intelligence and its role in the Metaverse“. What is […]


I must confess, I don’t understand a lot of things. When we have to face things we don’t get, the most common sentiment is fear. Fear of the unknown, of the possibility of losing, of getting hurt. It’s in our human nature, in our genes. There are a lot of things I don’t get, like […]

AI x Blockchain = Revolution²

May, 5, 2022 Blockchain is an infrastructure of Innovation. New business models, services, and startups are emerging on this technology as we have seen before with the internet revolution. The Internet changed almost any aspect of our lives, at so many levels, personal, professional, political, communicative. Artificial Intelligence is also an infrastructure of Innovation that will […]

Moving from web2 to web3 gaming

Last week my colleague Toni Garballo talked about web3 and its influence on the metaverse… and taking advantage of the hype generated by his article.  We are not going to explain the technological transaction that Toni also explains in his article but we are going to see what all this transition from web2 to web3 brings to gaming […]

DEFI is not just about providing liquidity

Make every dollar efficient and profitable in a market connected and working 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. Eradicate usury (the middleman), who keeps part of your profits just for generating trust in a simple transaction or for giving you access to professional money. In DeFi you only pay for use and only […]

Web 3 or Metaverse, that is the question

Web3 (sometimes called web 3.0) and metaverse are two terms that have recently become a constant question in the world of technology. I’m sure you’ve heard them countless times in connection with Blockchain. Sometimes both terms are confusing and mistaken, using web3 for metaverse and other way around, but are they the same? The answer […]