Cosmos vs Ethereum. Liquid staking

It had to happen, sooner or later #Cosmos had to move to a second level, and that day has arrived. The #Stride blockchain (audited by CertiK and Oak Security) now offers liquid staking on Cosmos, which will allow the use of tokens such as #JUNO, #OSMO and #ATOM (in a first phase) to generate income passively, without financial risks derived from impermanent Loss or derived from the […]

ATOM Analysis

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This week was marked by the ECB’s meeting on Thursday and its corresponding interest rate announcement, where a rise to 1.25% was expected, +0.75% compared to the last figure. There was no surprise in this decision, but there was the increase in the Deposit Facility Rate, which rose by 0.75%, that’s 0.25% more than expected. […]

Web3 and The Ethereum Merge

Web3 and The Ethereum Merge

Life is what happens while you are waiting. This Bear Market is demanding great patience from investors and traders, not only in the crypto market, but also in traditional finance. But it is in these periods where the future is built.  When Jeff Bezos was asked if he is worried about this quarter’s results, he replied […]

The Ethereum Merge

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This article is intended to be a journey through time, a point of support and reading to calibrate your thesis or bet on ethereum for the future and above all a research contribution to understand the importance and the crucial moment that ethereum is living. I encourage you to make this journey. I promise it […]

Why Tokenize Real Estate?

Why Tokenize Real Estate

All really useful innovations must be better than their alternatives in many ways. It may not be as profitable or useful for lovers of the old order. But it does have to be useful to the end customer or investor. Tokenized real estate can serve several purposes: Sale of whole real estate, transferring ownership to […]

BELOBABA Analysis: Chiliz

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The close of August leaves us with another month of correction in the crypto market’s largest capitalization assets, in which we have seen $BTC fall by -14% and $ETH by -7%.  Although the support of June and July, located between $18k and $19k in $BTC is still respected. A new low could reactivate the downtrend […]

DeFi Training is a Must

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Innovation is accelerating. Changes are happening faster and faster. I’m sure you remember from our student days those graphs explaining product life cycles. This structure has been partially outdated for years, and basically this has happened due to the appearance of disruptive innovation that has made many of these products obsolete before they reach maturity. Excuse me but I […]

The potential of stablecoins


Stable currencies are not only important because they give us liquidity, speed and counterpart in the defi sector, but also because we can design strategies according to the market trend. Bear markets with cumulative strategies supported by basic and variable income products. In bull markets with distributive strategies supported by derivative products, options and capital […]

Harmonic Patterns 2- Trading

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Continuing with the topic of last week, we are going to study an example of one of the harmonic patterns that we discussed. In this case it is a Bullish Butterfly pattern that occurred in the $CHZ token in mid-June. This is a pattern that is composed of a main upward movement (X-A), which precedes […]

New BELOBABA Crypto Index – VS120 INDEX. Diversify passively

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Like a traditional index, a “Crypto Index” is nothing more than a basket of assets, which are individually traded on the cryptocurrency market. An index is very useful to be able to analyze the price variations of various projects and better understand their evolution as well as specific sectors, or to measure and evaluate the management of […]