Educate your ETH; Re-staking, compound interest in a loop

DeFi usage optimization l2 web3

INTRODUCTION The transition from ETH from PoW to PoS is not driven by the development team’s whims, nor by trends, and certainly not by aimless swings regarding the future of the network. Many advancements, improvements, and, above all, new ways to strengthen the network’s security are on the horizon, aiming to provide it with the […]

DeFi and Regulation

INTRODUCTION DeFi has emerged as a revolutionary force in the financial industry (especially highlighted by recent events where some traditional banks collapsed and others narrowly avoided a bank run), demonstrating in moments of distress and uncertainty that it continued to function like clockwork, providing financial services to people worldwide without intermediaries, accounts, or identification. However, […]

Once in a lifetime

Artificial intelligence

In the rapidly evolving AI (and chatbot) landscape, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. ChatGPT, once the unmatched leader, still dominates, but new challengers like Bard (Google) and Claude are providing strong reasons for their adoption. Previously, Google Bard struggled with delivering high-quality responses across various modes of communication, but the advent of […]

Risk management in DeFi

INTRODUCTION A new financial industry like DEFI requires a lot of development behind it in order to establish itself as an alternative. It must meet certain requirements so that all types of users (regardless of their wealth, location or status) can benefit, be protected, and empowered. Technology must create safe spaces, as well as opportunities […]

The future for mass adoption for crypto

This article is somewhat of a continuation of Apple’s article from last Thursday, but with the goal of learning about HSMs. The Apple App Store launches a new cryptocurrency wallet: Kresus. It uses Amazon Web Services Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to store users’ private keys, thus eliminating the need for seed phrases. Instead of passwords, […]

PoW; The real network of networks

INTRODUCTION It seems that talented individuals and projects with extra energy during this bear market have focused their efforts on solving the scalability problems of current PoW blockchain networks. For over six years, various projects (Bitcoin Unlimited for example) have been working on developing new architectures that allow for fast and secure transactions, while also […]

Decentralized Insurance: The solution

Decentralized insurance could be a promising solution to save DeFi from risk and increase investor confidence in the ecosystem. As DeFi has expanded rapidly in recent years, so have the risks associated with investing in these protocols. Security vulnerabilities, code bugs and hacker attacks have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars in investor […]

Blockchain For…

Web3 and The Ethereum Merge

DIGITAL MONEY I don’t think there’s a single bank right now that isn’t exploring the possibility of issuing a digital currency backed by the central bank of the moment, we can talk about tailor-made CBDCs. Blockchain is no longer as useless, nor a token as dangerous as it was misrepresented through all available means. In […]

RWA; fuel for inverters and DEFI´s

defi learning belobaba

The directional changes that are taking place internally in the RWA (real world asset) ecosystem are directly driven by: 1. The increasing adoption of blockchain technology to tokenize real assets. 2. The use of cryptocurrencies for payments or as utilities.  3. The growing demand for transparency and efficiency in financial markets.  4. The need for […]

Defi narratives; Automated Liquidity Management

DeFi usage optimization l2 web3

Thanks to the arrival of blockchain, software and algorithms, it has become possible to optimize the use of our digital assets and this trend is confirmed by the evolving phase that AML (Automated liquidity management) is undergoing within DEFI. Automated liquidity management solutions can be integrated into any operating model, including treasury, to achieve whatever […]