September monthly overview

At the beginning of the month I commented that September is a historically bearish month for the crypto market and this pattern has been repeated in the largest capitalization tokens such as $BTC closing -6% and $ETH closing -16%. But this situation has been very different for other tokens that have had a very positive […]

God save the Bank of England

What the hell is the Central Bank of England doing? The British government announces the biggest tax cut in 50 years (leaving Thatcher as an amateur). 51,000 million euros less of income for the Government while proposing a large increase in public spending. Beyond the fact that the cut is for the rich and not for the poor […]

Auctions are coming to DEFI, Kujira

Can you imagine being able to buy tokens at a discount and get between 5% to 10% profit on each operation in a simple, intuitive way and with minimum risk. Read this article to the end and I will explain it to you in 5 minutes. In DeFi there are already several tools that give […]

3 Reasons to be Risk Averse in Crypto

Cryptocurrency is defined as communication in a hostile environment. For that reason, we should think about the hostilities surrounding the crypto environment. The number one hostility is called leverage. Because that’s how the most money has been lost in the bubbles. A good example of how dangerous leverage is was the Crash of ’29. Just […]

XRP Analysis

This week was marked on the economic calendar by last Wednesday’s US interest rate announcement, in which the FOMC decided to raise rates to 3.25% as planned, but with higher forward projections, as the measures taken so far have failed to curb rising inflation. This news caused an increase in volatility in the markets, but […]

The FED follows adding pressure to market

The current market scenario is complex, as we have commented on several occasions, and it is that what we have been saying for a long time has been fulfilled. It was evident that we could not get out of the monetary policy that was being developed in any other way. There was no room for […]

Signals, the queen moves


Not England’s queen, the financial markets queen. The financial market is like a chessboard. We can see the board, and the movements that take place on it. We know some of the pieces that play, rooks, knights, bishops, although not all of them, and what their possible moves are. The game is not about taking […]

Inflation? Make Your Crypto Plan

People use summer time and free time in general to get away from the information overload in crypto environments and above all to think out loud and reflect. It is time to go back to the screen and put in order all the thoughts, ideas and drawings that I was reflecting in the workbook during […]

The economics of the ETH Merge

The Merge was a very important event for the cryptocurrency ecosystem because it marks Ethereum’s move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. It is a very important part of the Ethereum 2.0 process, following the launch of the Beacon chain and the mergers in the Proof networks. Many think that the Merge is […]

The Recession opportunity

Recession it’s a good excuse to invest. It only depends on how long you put your goal, if you are thinking in the long term,  this could be your moment. That’s especially true if you bet on exponential trends. Trends are the clue.  Sometimes we use exponential curves to have better perspective over long time periods. […]