Bella Protocol Analysis – BEL

Despite the fact that last week we commented that $BTC had managed to break the range to the upside, during this week we have not seen a continuation move and […]

The transformation of banking: from branches to DAPPS

Source: If we cross two coordinates in a graph: in the vertical, human progress and in the horizontal, time, we would find an upside-down L. A practically flat baseline, […]

Research Report: Running Kaspanet…

A new blockchain begins to warm up. Through opening a research thread about a different project, not very propagandist, that has been cooking for a long time in a very, […]

Waves Analysis – WAVES

This week we have seen more fluctuation in the crypto asset market, particularly in $BTC which last Monday managed to break out of the range in which it was involved […]

A chat with Feynman about crypto

AI like Open AI already allows you to create full articles from a simple sentence, and results are extraordinary. It’s hard to know if a text is created by a human or a […]

Elrond Analysis – EGLD

Second consecutive week with $BTC prices in the range between $27k and $31.5k, which continues to generate a latent indecision in the market.   In the case of $ETH we did […]


I must confess, I don’t understand a lot of things. When we have to face things we don’t get, the most common sentiment is fear. Fear of the unknown, of […]

Liquid Staking, one token to rule all

In terms of economics, risk and management, the data has always been on the side of staking, but for some time now a new financial structure seems to be gaining […]