Chainlink, fundamentals and TA

Chainlink: Bridging the Gap between Blockchain and Real-World Data Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that facilitates the interaction between smart contracts on blockchain platforms and real-world data, events, and systems. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement directly written into code. However, these contracts lack the ability to access data […]

Blockchain for Insurance

The insurance world is preparing for the traceability revolution via blockchain. Let’s learn concepts about it, which will affect us sooner rather than later. Blockchain, is the technology that underpins bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies,  finding its way into the insurance industry enabling everything from verifying claims to preventing fraud. Blockchain’s Role in Insurance: Smart […]

Sega Unearths a Trove of Opportunities in the Blossoming GameFi Realm

Sega’s New Frontier: Merging Gaming with Blockchain The esteemed company Sega has identified an uncharted realm brimming with possibilities within the GameFi sector, foreseeing a bright future at this nexus of gaming and finance. This insight comes at a time when the blockchain gaming industry is in its infancy but bears evident potential to transform […]

¡Bienvenido a Bordo, Diego, nuestro Nuevo CMO!”

Web3 and The Ethereum Merge

Nueva Dirección, Nuevas Posibilidades: Diego al Mando del Marketing en BELOBABA Estamos emocionados de presentar a nuestro nuevo Director de Marketing, Diego Katzman, quien se une a nosotros tras un notable recorrido en EtherMail. Su pasión por la innovación y su visión estratégica son el combustible perfecto para el motor revolucionario de #BELOBABA. Con Diego al […]

Ambrosus & AIRDAO

Unveiling Ambrosus: The Blockchain Powerhouse Behind AIRDAO Within the crypto ecosystem, there are many possibilities for investment. There are many interesting sectors, but there is one that is special, within the new ecosystem, of this new technological economy. Let’s not forget that blockchain technology is revolutionizing various industries, from finance to supply chain management. It’s […]

QTUM · Beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum chains

Qtum: The Blockchain Powerhouse Bridging Bitcoin and Ethereum Behind these two monsters of new technology and blockchain, there is a new world, where more blockchains try to place you and find their place in the exciting world of data traceability, of transactions, of possibilities. Today I bring you a chain that many may not yet […]

Tokenomics, the design of an economic system

defi debt

Mastering Tokenomics: Building a Sustainable Blockchain Ecosystem The design of a good tokenomics is crucial for the success of any blockchain project, where by tokenomics, I refer to the economic design behind a token, in how they are issued, distributed, and used within the project’s ecosystem. Good tokenomics should create a system that benefits both […]

Avalanche · Altcoins review

Avalanche (AVAX): A Deep Dive and Technical Analysis of the Crypto Giant Today, we have a review of relevant altcoin in the crypto ecosystem Avalanche is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform known for its high-speed, scalable, and decentralized network. Launched in September 2020, Avalanche aims to address some of the key challenges faced by blockchain […]

Two important onchain metrics

Onchain Analysis: Understanding Stock-to-Flow and Miner Capitulation Today, we are going to summarize two onchain metrics, which can help us better understand what will happen in the future in the crypto world. Stock to Flow Stock-to-flow ratio is a concept borrowed from the field of commodities, particularly precious metals like gold and silver. It refers […]

Bitcoin, 218 days and subtracting…

bitcoin quantum computing

Deciphering Bitcoin’s Halving: Impacts and Predictions “In the last six decades, FIAT money (euro, dollar, yen, pound, etc…) has been used as a monetary model or system. This monetary system doesn’t represent anything and is only backed by the trust between buyers and sellers that it has value when conducting a transaction. We are dealing […]