Two important onchain metrics

Onchain Analysis: Understanding Stock-to-Flow and Miner Capitulation Today, we are going to summarize two onchain metrics, which can help us better understand what will happen in the future in the crypto world. Stock to Flow Stock-to-flow ratio is a concept borrowed from the field of commodities, particularly precious metals like gold and silver. It refers […]

Bitcoin, 218 days and subtracting…

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Deciphering Bitcoin’s Halving: Impacts and Predictions “In the last six decades, FIAT money (euro, dollar, yen, pound, etc…) has been used as a monetary model or system. This monetary system doesn’t represent anything and is only backed by the trust between buyers and sellers that it has value when conducting a transaction. We are dealing […]

Global Cryptocurrencies Adoption Index

Embracing the Future: The Surge of Cryptocurrency Payments We are already on the verge of great adoption. We will learn about how and where it is advancing further and also about commerce and adoption for payments. These indices typically consider a range of factors to gauge adoption, such as: Merchant Adoption: The number of businesses […]

Token Valuation DeFi

Applying Traditional P/E Ratios to DeFi Tokens: A New Perspective The price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) has proven to be a useful way to value capital assets such as stocks, rental properties, and even, as we will now see, tokens in the DEFI space. In traditional finance, the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) is a formula that helps us […]

Top & Down: Ethereum

Within the fundamental analysis we can talk about approaches, techniques or systems to carry out said study: Today we are going to delve into one of the most important analyzes and we will give some references about it, in a light article. The analysis is called “Top & Down”. Technical analysis is a popular method […]

Blockchain bridges, the state change for your crypto assets

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In the blockchain space, we constantly face various challenges: In design In systems In security In usability And in general, challenges that have no precedent. One of these challenges is the construction of bridges between different networks to facilitate the transfer of assets between chains and to connect liquidity, making systems that were previously isolated […]

Decoding Inflation, Bitcoin is the Antidote

📈 Inflation Matters. 💹 The recent inflation data is misleading, for Spain for example. The year-on-year reduction is based on the base effect of how the yearly variation is calculated, but in absolute terms, it continues to rise and doesn’t stop. But, if we dive into the monthly data or the aggregate inflation, the picture […]

Friend.Tech, the Trojan horse

Be cautious with everything new coming into the crypto space, as often we don’t know what we’re dealing with, what information we’re sharing, and the hidden interests behind it. I’m not an advocate of being the first to jump in or trying anything without prior investigation and audit, as it feels like I’m committing a […]

VASP and history

The Emergence of VASPs: The concept of VASPs emerged alongside the rise of Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency. As Bitcoin gained popularity, the need for platforms to exchange and trade it became evident. The earliest exchanges acted as intermediaries between buyers and sellers of Bitcoin, laying the foundation for what would later become known as […]

DeFi Sin Secretos

En el mundo en rápida evolución de las finanzas, Finanzas Descentralizadas (DeFi) se destaca como un cambio de paradigma revolucionario. A medida que avanza la era digital, surge la necesidad de un sistema financiero más transparente, eficiente e inclusivo. DeFi promete democratizar las finanzas eliminando intermediarios y ofreciendo un acceso sin precedentes a herramientas y […]