How may I safely protect my money?

Now that inflation is evident, so is the damage to savings. If we don’t make our money work for us, we can buy less and less. Economists expect interest rates on deposits to rise, but my doubt as a financial adviser is whether these rises in nominal returns (without taking inflation into account) are going […]

The economics of the ETH Merge

The Merge was a very important event for the cryptocurrency ecosystem because it marks Ethereum’s move from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. It is a very important part of the Ethereum 2.0 process, following the launch of the Beacon chain and the mergers in the Proof networks. Many think that the Merge is […]

BTC and ETH Analysis

A week of general correction in the markets that had a clear turning point last Tuesday after the CPI data was released in the US, which was higher than experts expected. This increase in the CPI (both monthly and annual) may lead to a hardening of the Fed’s discourse regarding the measures taken so far […]

From School of Salamanca to Bitcoin

The School of Salamanca was a school of economic thought in several areas that took place in the Renaissance of the 16th century, through a group of theologians and jurists concentrated mainly at the University of Salamanca. They were one of the first groups to pay attention to the impact of the quantity of money […]

Wind of change

The market continues in that marked dichotomy between ETH and BTC as we have commented in other posts. We have a BTC in a clear support zone, in addition to the bottom zone of the old distribution channel, that is, we have revisited the low zone of the last fall In the case of ETH, […]

What’s The Future for Bitcoin

The Future for Bitcoin

Again 20,000 USD as the price of Bitcoin. Some will say that now yes, that we are going to the depths, others that it is the last opportunity to buy at interesting prices. The dynamics of the financial markets accustoms us to always take us to these extremes, and this tendency is accentuated even more […]

How to Manage the Bitcoin Fear and Greed index

How to Manage the Bitcoin Fear and Greed index

The Bitcoin “Fear and Greed” index prepared by shows the sentiment of the crypto market, aggregating a series of indices to achieve a sensible approximation. One of the fundamental pillars in trading is: Buy when the majority is afraid and sell when the majority is excited. However, when is the perfect time?  We never know when […]

Breaking uptrend again

bitcoin crash belobaba

Complicated week that we are seeing in the market with a new break of the support zones. We haven’t just seen defined and sustained trends over time. The market moves in an environment of insecurity and uncertainty continuously, which advises us to be agile when entering and exiting. This is territory for short-term traders. We […]

Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy

Diving through Twitter I found a tweet from CZ, the CEO of Binance, who recommended reading an IMF paper. The International Monetary Fund is not particularly famous for supporting the development of public blockchains, but in its report they do open the door to possible beneficial uses for the environment. Before talking about possible beneficial […]

Crypto Summer

The market is reaching an interesting crossroads point. It is one of these situations in which the price has to make a decision that marks the immediate future. Right now from a technical point of view we can see a sideways range structure that is running out of recent moves. And I say this, for […]