Liquid Staking, one token to rule all

In terms of economics, risk and management, the data has always been on the side of staking, but for some time now a new financial structure seems to be gaining […]

Until the Trend Changes

The trend is your friend, all the way”. It’s a principle of technical analysis that usually works very well. Even better than we think. For this reason, let’s consider how […]

The crypto hangover

Debt is a double edge sword. It can allow you to gain more money or ruin your financial health, magnifying your losses. When debt is cheap we tend to jump […]

No mercy in the market

Markets pass judgment, and often relentlessly. When you have been in them for some time, you get used to this type of episodes that occur cyclically. Renewal, the influx of […]

The Moment

In the Torre del Oro bar in Madrid, a bull called “Segador” hangs on the wall, well known to Enric Juliana, with whom he used to talk: “Segador is still there, in […]

Don’t be afraid of the whales game

Those of us who have known bitcoin at $ 3K after having reached $ 20K, can not say that it sank today at $ 30K. Buying or selling an asset […]

The USD: Why has it been going up?

The derivatives market and our intuition tend to have big conflicts. If the money printer is diluting the dollar and it is at the same time strengthening we need to […]

Machine + Human > Machine

Last week I had both the pleasure and the honor of participating in the first face to face Quants Strats conference in three years held in New York City. The […]

Debt is A Promise

INTRODUCTION Two great mysteries dominate our lives: money and love. Love is a topic that has been widely explored and debated. We find it in songs, movies, newspapers, magazines and […]