AI Explotes Again!! and the future of work

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Unveiling GPT-4 Turbo: A Giant Leap in Affordable AI Technology Exciting Developments with GPT-4 Turbo Thrilling news from the forefront of AI technology—OpenAI has launched GPT-4 Turbo, a revolutionary leap forward with a massive 128k context size, now more accessible than ever at just a third of the cost. Only a few hours has passed […]

Teaching ChatGPT to Capture “Your Style”

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Personalizing ChatGPT: Crafting Content in Your Unique Voice How to get ChatGPT to learn your writing style. A trick that will speed up your workflow! Step 1. You need ChatGPT4, the paid version (sorry, but if you’re not paying for it yet, you should!). If it’s a bit too pricey for you, consider teaming up […]

Bonds crash + AI news

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Redefining Norms: Bonds, Adobe Innovations, and Windows 11’s Hidden Gem In finance, bonds have historically been seen as safe havens, offering predictable returns with considerably lower risk compared to equities or other investment vehicles. However, recent market dynamics are reshaping this traditional perspective. A striking example is the 100-year Austrian government bond, which experienced a […]

AI: A New Leap Forward

ChatGPT’s Evolution: From Text to Vision For some time now, we’ve been discussing in these articles how AI is set to become a significant support tool for all professionals, especially analysts. Well, just four days ago, ChatGPT introduced a new feature. Now it can listen, speak, and most importantly, see (Link): It’s not yet available for […]

Empower or Lose: The Challenge Women Face in the DeFi and AI Era

Artificial intelligence

The Disparity: Women’s Role in the AI and DeFi Landscape Digital assets and DeFi are revolutionizing the financial sector, one of the most significant worldwide, as finance shapes countless aspects from politics and society to the entire sector’s structure. On the other hand, AI is revolutionizing worker productivity. A recent collaboration between Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Harvard offers compelling evidence of this assertion. In […]

Truth or Dare: Economic Challenges

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The world as we know it is undergoing significant transformations. Take a look at this Goldman Sachs’s projection for 2050, it offers some startling insights: It’s noteworthy that many top tech CEOs already hail from India, reflecting this trajectory. Given these tectonic shifts, let’s delve deeper into some critical indicators to better gauge our standing. […]

Decoding Inflation, Bitcoin is the Antidote

📈 Inflation Matters. 💹 The recent inflation data is misleading, for Spain for example. The year-on-year reduction is based on the base effect of how the yearly variation is calculated, but in absolute terms, it continues to rise and doesn’t stop. But, if we dive into the monthly data or the aggregate inflation, the picture […]

Personal AI. The Age of Knowledge Amplified by AI

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The dynamics of business are rapidly evolving. With the emergence of transformative technologies like AI and blockchain, the financial world is no longer limited by traditional boundaries. But what happens when you couple AI with the accumulated knowledge of a business or institution? The answer is the birth of a revolution: AI-driven knowledge bases that […]

AI, Blockchain, and the Price of Our Digital Identity

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Some time ago, we emphasized that the integration of diverse technologies leads to exponential innovation. This notion becomes especially poignant when we discuss the interplay between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain. But we have to stay alert, not any combination is reliable. Let’s see one example: Worldcoin In a digital era where AI challenges content […]