Blockchain games remain resilient

September has just started, people are coming back from vacation, but not much has changed in the world. Inflation is rampant, the euro is falling and the Ukraine war is in the same position.

Regarding the cryptomarket, it is still in a bear market and with a lot of rumors that it is going to fall in a short time.

But on the other hand, blockchain games are still resilient, $300 million invested in the sector and more than 1 million unique active wallets daily.

In addition, blockchain games accounts have over $857 million in transactions.

As we can see in the chart below, blockchain games are more resilient than other categories, in terms of UAW, with 98% growth over the previous year.

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That situation is more significant in smaller and cheaper blockchains like Hive, Flow or Solana, as we can see in the picture below, regarding games average UAW by protocol.

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Wax is the blockchain leader with 42% of gaming activity, but with a small decline in UAW. Hive and Splinterlands are in second place, while blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, BSC, Solana and Flow are still growing.

The following figures, in terms of  transactions are evidence of gamers interest in this sector. While the value of gaming transactions is $857 M, the second category is Defi with $51M. 

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Blockchain gaming vs Traditional gaming 

At this point, it seems that nothing is changing. As I said in my last article, while Microsoft has banned NFTs in Minecraft, others like Square Enix are embracing them. Epic Games is nowhere near using them as long as they follow the relevant laws, disclose their terms and are age-classified by an appropriate group.

From my point of view, this is going to be the trend that we are going to see at the end of this year and next, and it will be more noticeable as the market recovers.

One of the biggest challenges facing Web3 is the resistance from traditional users to bring them into blockchain gaming and this sector is taking off from the current situation for mass adoption.

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Investments in blockchain games

In terms of investment, blockchain games and the metaverse have raised $300M in July,  being the worst month so far.

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Seeing capital flow into blockchain gaming is a really bullish indicator, particularly during this difficult  market.

What games are more resilient to the bear market 

During July, the most played blockchain gaming was Alien World followed by Splinterlands, both with 8% of increase in terms of UAW. 

BNB Era7 had an increase of almost 53%, due to the announcement of this year’s World Cup event this August and new edition of NFT. 

While others such as X World Games, another BSC game had an increase in UAW by 50%, Sunflower Land increased by 332%, Arc9s by 31%, Axie Infinity decreased by 6% due Ronin’s bridge hack. 

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Going forward

Next week we will have an important event in Barcelona, Axiecon. 

This is a long awaited event to better understand the news from the game and the innovations in blockchain gaming. In the event there will be information about the course of Axie, the future of guilds, games, new models of ownership and more. 

The sector is currently in the first stage of setting up and there is a lot to create, test and improve and there is no better place than Axiecon, to define new trends. 

From Belobaba, we have said before that there are several opportunities in a sector or industry that is growing, innovating and evolving every day.