Bitcoin is not Dead in the US

This can’t be farther from the truth. 

Robert F Kennedy Jr. (I don’t think he needs further intro) has decided to challenge President Biden in the Democratic Party Primary in light of the next presidential elections.

There are a number of important readings that we can take out of this but one of the most relevant [in my opinion] is the fact that he is using Bitcoin in a positive way as one of the pillars of his Presidential Bid.

This only confirms my views that Crypto has a seat at the Big Table with the rest of the Huge Single Voting issues in America ( next to Abortion and Guns Control to name a couple).

It also represents the first answers from the Blue side of the Aisle in Congress to a more Pro innovation Agenda pushed by GOP members.

I am very optimistic with the fact that once out there, this Crypto agenda will prove to be very popular among prospect voters. Furthermore, I believe that will be more popular than the idea of a certain Democrat Senator of building an Anti Crypto Army.

Coincidentally, the above mentioned Senator is from the same State of Robert Kennedy Jr. (Massachusetts).

Robert Kennedy Jr. will be present in the upcoming Bitcoin conference in Miami this summer to expand further about his ideas on the topic and has already been labeled by members of his own party as a person who supports tax evaders.

I leave that up to you to make your own conclusions.

I don’t know what it’s going to happen but in any case I celebrate the fact that Bitcoin is not only still alive and kicking but More Relevant than ever!