BELOBABA Tour: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador

Empowering Global Finance: BELOBABA’s Vision and Expansion in Latin America

Over the past 15 days, the BELOBABA team, led by our Managing Director Daniel Hernández, has embarked on a tour focused on Latin America but with a global perspective. This journey has been an opportunity to share and convey our mission and vision to a broader audience alongside some of our local partners such as Fisherman Educación Financiera and KINGFISHER FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED Black Bull Investors Club.

Daniel Hernández, Director General of BELOBABA, addressing the audience.

Through various events in Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, we’ve forged valuable connections and strengthened partnerships. Thanks to our partners, we’ve achieved a positive impact and enthusiastic feedback from the community, announcing the imminent launch of the #BELOBABA neobank and its aim to be a key player in the financial revolution spurred by new technologies.

Group photo of BELOBABA team and partners at a recent event.

BELOBABA’s vision is a proposition to change how people worldwide can enhance their relationship with finance, savings, and investment. Our focus on backed and accessible financial products has resonated at every tour stop.

BELOBABA's partnership event with Fisherman Educación Financiera and KINGFISHER FINANCIAL LTD.

Together with some of our colleagues Alfredo Escalon M., Stewart Noble, and Enrique Lemarroy, we’ve successfully conducted financial outreach and training events.

BELOBABA's promotional banner showcasing its financial services.

With each partnership and event, BELOBABA continues to grow and solidify its position in the digital asset market. This tour is just the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating journey towards global financial innovation. Stay tuned for more updates!

Snapshot of Daniel Hernández, Managing Dirtector at BELOBABA, with Enrique Lemarroy