Belobaba & Team Queso Joint Venture

Summer is here and with summer comes a wave of festivals of all kinds in the city of Barcelona. From July 1st to 3rd I’m with my colleague Dani Contreras, Head of Gaming at Belobaba at Ubeat Live. So I take the opportunity to share this article with him, since he is one of the main responsible for the great news “hided” in these lines. No spoilers so you read it to the end.

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Ubeat Live is one of the best festivals to enjoy urban art, Freestyle, content creators, the Balloon World Cup with Ibai and eSports. And despite the fact that in my youth I have been a graffiti artist and active member of Hip-Hop culture, this time we come for great news and new relationships that from Belobaba we are going to weave with eSports.

As in previous articles published by Dani, the gaming sector is set to be one of the sectors through which the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies will take place thanks to tokenization. eSports will benefit from this scenario to reach a new level, thanks to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Defi and NFTs. 

We have also discussed the case of Team Queso, eSports club leader in mobile gaming that has created a Blockchain division called TQ Olympo. They led the tokenization of the team and became a reality last March in a round of financing through security tokens, also facilitating access to Blockchain Gaming to investors and fans. Team Queso is one of the main attractions at Ubeat Live.

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Breaking news

If you’re perceptive, you can start to connect the dots… Belobaba, TQ, tokenization… White and bottled, right?  Well, without beating around the bush, BELOBABA becomes a strategic ally of Team Queso, reaffirming the commitment to innovation and disruption in the GameFi sector.

With an investment of €1M, BELOBABA is a Lead Investor and will participate directly in the Team Queso business, focused on the profitability that they appreciate in the proposal as it is a disruptive project within gaming and eSports and with a great projection, becoming the first tokenization project of an eSports team

In addition, as a regulated crypto asset manager, Belobaba will have access to the entire community of one of the best teams worldwide in terms of competition in mobile gaming, which opens a wide range of possibilities for collaboration to grow both businesses and revenue lines through joint ventures such as educational programs in the Gaming and blockchain environments. The creation of specialized areas in investment and joint exploitation of blockchain games through venture capital projects or joint promotions within the sector. 

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For its part, Team queso through the partnership with BELOBABA receives in return an important investment that will allow it to improve the different divisions of the club, its content creation and invest in technology. 

The eSports Club is not only offering content for entertainment, but intends to provide extra value to the entire community and for this it will provide free training courses for all Team Queso investors, as well as Bootcamps to all those people related to the Gaming and eSports sector. In addition, it will have a research team in blockchain games through which the professionalization of these will be promoted as much as the games to which the content creators are dedicated every day.

Just the begginning

BELOBABA strengthens its privileged position as a crypto asset management company with a hedge fund, specialized in the gaming industry and redoubles its commitment to investing in innovative and disruptive projects.  The agreement with Team Queso reaffirms the commitment to innovation and disruption, as well as being another sign of the continuous search for value propositions for investors. This is the beginning of a promising alliance to be disruptive in the “eSport Blockchain” industry.