BELOBABA Business Plan 2022-2024

BELOBABA Business Plan 2022-2024 with Lluís Mas, Belobaba’s President and Founder.

I: The agreement with Team Queso has recently been published in the media. What does this investment mean for Belobaba?

Lluís Mas: The Gamefi sector has been in our portfolio since the end of 2020. In 2021 we have professionalized with the incorporation of Daniel Contreras and Toni Garballo leading the division, we have created a long-term strategy and envisioned the positioning of BELOBABA.

We wanted to have one of the leaders in the sector and when we understood that Team Queso was doing an STO, being a tokenized fund with a security token, the pieces began to fit together. Being able to lead initiatives in the sector with expertise of one of the world champions in mobile gaming like Team Queso and its community of fans is a strategic opportunity that we decided not to miss.

Little by little we saw that we share the same values, work ethic and ambition to lead a sector that is just starting.

For our investors and for the sector in general, it is also a loud and clear message that this is one of the key sectors where we are going to focus on and that they can participate in it through BELOBABA.

I: The gaming industry is one of the sectors with the highest projected profits in the coming years, how can investors benefit from the growth of this sector?

L: There is a prediction that 50% of the world’s population will enter this industry in the coming years in one way or another and practically everything has yet to be done in this sector. Last year P2E grew 512% compared to 20% in the gaming sector.

Together with Team Queso we are developing a whole joint strategy of business creation in blockchain: Team Olimpo. BBCN holders and BELOBABA investors will have access to exclusive initiatives, NFT launches and co-creation of business solutions in a sector conducive to the development of the crypto-economy. They will therefore benefit from the growth value provided and direct participation in the opportunities we launch.

I: Belobaba allows access to these projects through the BBCN token. What benefits does the community get from joining BBCN?

L: BBCN is the native token of BELOBABA, it is the token of our community. Our community has been growing since the beginning. Education is fundamental and we do not want to lose this added value that we offer to those who are close to us. Within this training we have been specializing in different areas such as business, the more technical area and now trading. To be able to give a complete vision to the people who wish to learn with us. On this basis of training, thanks to BBCN we incorporate layers of innovation for holders to experiment with this technology as the Launchpad and its Tiers, as the data generated by Subutai, our artificial intelligence and the study on it. Products such as Staking, the creation of indexes and also being able to have preferences in financial products such as the BELOBABA card or other services that we develop with DAMEX.

We want to be the gateway and professionalization of anyone who wants to enter this industry and find in our ecosystem the complete kit of solutions.

I: What is the future direction of BBCN?

L: After two years of learning and accumulating value we have designed the token so that our community can enjoy this opportunity and unique moment that we are living as BELOBABA and the sector in general. Soon we will be listed on DEX and CEX and we have developed a very special staking system for these first two years to reward and support our holders.

In the short term, once the market stabilizes, we have exciting releases on our Launchpad for both the end of the year and the beginning of 2023.

In the medium and long term, we want to transfer all the business expertise accumulated over the last few years to the token dynamics. This is a guarantee because we start from a tested business model with business KPIs and it is not just an empty projection.

It is a challenge to make the token intelligent in terms of incentives, governance and usability.

The BBCN token will have a bright future as long as we are able to grow a loyal and quality community and continue to develop useful and innovative products and services like the ones we have launched lately.

We are at the beginning of this sector, this is a marathon, but with a constant change of pace and a high performance day-to-day requirements. We are on the right side of history and that is what is important.

I: Belobaba Academy has recently introduced its new academic director. What does this incorporation mean for the evolution of Belobaba Academy and Bitbcn?

BELOBABA Academy and BITBCN are going to take an important leap from September. Miquel Roig, the new academic director has accepted the challenge of leading the project and will help the current program directors to take the academy to the next level.

We have to keep improving in all aspects of the training product, methodology and quality of tools. Students tell us that they are satisfied, but there is still much room for improvement to achieve the excellence we are striving for.

Another key point is that we are extending training to English to serve the new markets that we are opening up with BELOBABA.

And at a reputational level, before the end of the year, if everything is confirmed, we have a series of new developments that will help us to position ourselves as we wish.

Lluís Mas

President and Founder of BELOBABA