Bear market vs Bullish professions

Demand for talent, this is the real pain point of any startup that is already in the consolidation and growth phase, if we add to this point an extra factor such as qualified talent in a sector in continuous growth and with a high demand, the mission becomes almost impossible to achieve.

Technical profiles, but also management in digital assets, are being a real blue ocean of job opportunity for many, but taken advantage of by very few, because unfortunately or due to ignorance, people only enter the crypto market to hit the jackpot or seek high returns, without even stopping to think about what I can do to forge a destiny, to make a niche for myself in this incredible industry. We urgently need people with desire, with high tolerance for challenges and uncertainty, but knowing that the rewards will be quite high, making it worth every last effort to get a good job.

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I only want to focus on what affects, I know and is very close to my field of work, because if I expose here all the profiles that are in demand, why they are being demanded, and what they are requested, I would never finish this article. The shortage of talent in DeFi is being a bottleneck, both for the internal development of the industry itself, and for the adoption by the institutions, as they know that they must have in their ranks this type of profiles as strategic as differential in their incursion into the cryptocurrency sector. Being a gesture in defi or an operations manager is not an easy task for anyone, it requires experience and a set of highly specialized and very specific skills, which I can summarize in 8 points:

1 Cybersecurity or Operational Security

2 Management

3 Strategy design, monitoring and execution

4 Decentralized financial products and diversification

5 Technical and fundamental analysis

6 Taxation

7 Tokenomics


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Just as you prepare for 4 years for a career, whatever specialty it is, with decentralized finance and the whole crypto environment in general should be the same, I see too much anxiety for wanting to be the best, for trying to know everything, and for needing to understand the complex mechanisms and dynamics that make up the defi. To face a challenge of this magnitude, you must train and prepare yourself properly, giving yourself the precise time you need, and do it under the watchful eye of experienced professionals in this art. Keep in mind that this is an emerging sector, still in its infancy, with a highly competitive landscape in which companies (CEFI, TRADFI and DEFI) offer attractive salaries, together with interesting compensation packages, with the aim of attracting and retaining the best talent.

Blockchains such as Polkadot, Cosmos, Polygon Labs, Chromia and the #Binance #Smart #Chain despite the hard fall of the market have not stopped working to improve, expand and demand this type of profiles for their treasuries, foundations, DAO’s or startups that are incubating, to come out of this cycle with the best guarantees in the management of their finances. As the industry is evolving, demand, salaries and compensation are growing, given that the scenario for the next 4 years is foreseeing a 2-digit growth rate in this sector. 

I’ve never been so direct in asking for anything, but I need you if you are looking for a change, want to improve your CV or just learn a new profession with a future, don’t leave it until the forces between supply and demand are balanced, and act now …

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