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by Toni Moral

Bitcoin Scalability

In my last article I explained how the bitcoin currency (btc) could capture the value of everything that was going to be built in the

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Debt is A Promise

INTRODUCTION Two great mysteries dominate our lives: money and love. Love is a topic that has been widely explored and debated. We find it in

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Social Justice

CONTEXT Spain allocates between 35% and 40% of the General State Budget to pay its citizens the corresponding pensions for retirement (60%), widowhood (24%), permanent

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Convulsive Times

We live in troubled times. This type of particularly conflictive and uncertain periods are not usually the result of chance. They are usually the result

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Tiempos Convulsos

Vivimos tiempos convulsos. No seré yo quien lo descubra. Este tipo de periodos especialmente conflictivos e inciertos no suelen ser fruto de la casualidad. Más

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