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by Sergio Dominguez

Economy on Demand

And if the problem is part of the solution… It is true that investment products in digital assets have been severely punished, unleashing a domino effect of significant exits, exits

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Bitcoin Scalability

In my last article I explained how the bitcoin currency (btc) could capture the value of everything that was going to be built in the network on which it is

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Stratis Analysis – STRAX

This week the crypto market leaves us with a bearish movement, but remains in the range of the previous week as we can see in the Total Capitalization chart and

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The Market Hides Himself

The best victory is to win without fighting (Sun Tzu). For many years, an ancient book has been very much in vogue among executives and leaders, due to the teachings

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How long will it take?

What has happened before, will happen again and we certainly can learn from it. In this article we will try to learn from the past how long can this economic

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Matic Analysis

After last week’s strong bearish movement we have experienced a week of indecision in which the “bears” remain cautious because of the proximity to the support zone and the “bulls”

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