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by Miquel Roig

Until the Trend Changes

The trend is your friend, all the way”. It’s a principle of technical analysis that usually works very well. Even better than we think. For this reason, let’s consider how

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Tenset Analysis – 10SET

The overall crypto asset market situation remains largely unchanged. In both $BTC and $ETH we have seen a week of low volatility and maintain their price above the previous week’s

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The crypto hangover

Debt is a double edge sword. It can allow you to gain more money or ruin your financial health, magnifying your losses. When debt is cheap we tend to jump

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Cryptofunds22: Belobaba leading the path

Some Images from #cryptofunds22 in Dubai & Abu Dhabi where we were talking to asset managers, family officers & regulators who want to access to #crypto investments. Despite the enviable recent performance of many

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ETH Analysis

Week marked by the general downward movement of the cryptoactive market, which is clearly seen in the total market capitalization graph, which made a downward movement of -28% in four

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No mercy in the market

Markets pass judgment, and often relentlessly. When you have been in them for some time, you get used to this type of episodes that occur cyclically. Renewal, the influx of

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