AI + X = Innovation²

We’ve been explaining in this series of weekly articles the potentiality of transformation of AI and Blockchain among different sectors (as we said in May 2022).

This year we will see the AI emerging with other tools and technologies and impacting and disrupting several business models and sectors.

The battle between Google and Chatgpt (Microsoft) it’s being epic. The SEO era it’s suddenly changing to the reasoning era imposed by ChatGPT. We are maybe evolving form one dictatorship to another one. All the content created till today must comply with the SEO standards imposed by Google. Now, will have to create content aligned with the way ChatGPT reasons.

AI is changing how we access information and how we create information.

A lot of the content we create is boosted by AI tools that helps us to create it faster and better.

One funny way to see this amazing battle between Google and ChatGPT is this Chrome extension:

With this Extension, everytime you search something in Google you will have the answer in ChatGPT. It’s not practical, being honest, because we’ve been enough hours working with ChatGPT to know when to use it and when it’s better to use Google, but it’s funny to see both beast fighting to give you the best answer 😉

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Example of search in Google/ChatGPT

Let’s see some examples of AI emerging with other technologies. The first ones are related with this battle between Google/Microsoft, as Microsoft has announced they will merge ChatGPT with Office.

  • AI + Searching = ChatGPT
  • AI + Presentations:

It’s not the quality of the results, but the capacity to concise concepts in few pages and combine it with image generation it’s a good example of integration tendencies. Imagine this merged with Power Point?

  • AI + Spreadsheets: Coming soon. Some guys are creating some examples and the results are mind blowing. It’s incredible the empowerment that is already giving ChatGPT when you ask for help to create macros. I recommend you to spend some hours doing it, you may discover that maybe you finally know about spreadsheets 😉

So, it’s obvious that AI will impact this year the most common working tools we use in our day to day work.

But the revolution will explote in all directions. Not only emerging with other technologies but we will see AI infiltrated in our mos common channels. Let’s see a couple of examples:

  • AI + Searching + Whats app = God in a box

The hit rate is not very high, but having Chatgpt on Whatsapp is fun and a good demonstration of how this type of AI will enter into our lives using any channel.

  • AI + Search + Telegram = ChatGPT Telegram bot

In conclusion, when a new technology is truly disruptive, its implementation occurs like an explosion, impacting in any directions and at any level. Business models, social organizations, working methodologies,… Everything will change this 2023, with AI, with Blockchain, with the rest of technologies.

Yours in crypto and AI.