AI x Blockchain = Revolution²

May, 5, 2022

Blockchain is an infrastructure of Innovation. New business models, services, and startups are emerging on this technology as we have seen before with the internet revolution. The Internet changed almost any aspect of our lives, at so many levels, personal, professional, political, communicative. Artificial Intelligence is also an infrastructure of Innovation that will change our entire world.

AI is very close to revolutionizing the creation of digital art, as NFT has already done. What will happen when these two revolutions merge? It’s hard to tell, but it’s exciting.

A few months ago a new version of Dall·E (pronounced like the great Salvado Dalí) was presented and it’s amazing. Created by Open AI, it is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a natural language description. For example, you can write: An astronaut riding a horse in a photorealistic style, and the result is a completely new image created by AI.

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It is so powerful that it can add or remove elements from an image while taking into account shadows, reflections or textures.

But Dall-E’s third goal for me is the most incredible. One of the hardest things for any artist is finding their own style. You know if a painting was created by Van Ghogh, Kandinsky, Miro or Dali with the first look, because you recognize the style. Some creators take years to find their own style. In art, style is everything. If you give Dall-E an image, this AI can create different variations from a single image, recreating an artist’s style. Check out these examples where the larger image is the original:

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You can also create new paintings just writing things like this: “A new painting of Dalí about Egypt”.

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Dall-E is not open yet, we can’t play with by now. Altman, the CEO of OpenAI said in a release that a commercial version will be established this summer. Imagine a tool like this in everyone’s hands.

For example, newspapers will no longer hire artists to accompany an article. They will use the three most important words of the article and the style and the AI will do the rest (the article will probably be created by another AI, but this needs another article). The same goes for editors and illustrators of books, school works, presentations… or to create a new movie from home with the best special effects generated by AI.

But I don’t think artists will disappear. They will simply adapt. Artists will use it as inspiration to overcome the blank page syndrome. New jobs will be created for people with the right skills, because the creation of new images will need the creativity of the person proposing to merge things.

In the end, the production of images will increase exponentially, artists and amateurs will be able to explore their creativity in the fastest way, every twenty seconds we will be able to create a new artistic set of images. If we have an idea like Einstein fighting with a dynosaur, we need a bunch of hours to create it, and the result can be just another disappointment. Soon, we will invest more time in the creative process, not in the production process.

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Imagine you want to renovate your dining room. You will use the support of this kind of tools to generate in seconds hundreds of variations and possibilities that will help you find your style.

Or imagine the impact of such tools generating new game scenarios in real time. Endless possibilities of new rooms, challenges, objects to interact with. The game experience will enter new dimensions that we are not able to imagine.

We are not killing artists, we are creating millions of new artists who will have access to creativity and production tools like never seen before in the history of mankind. Combine this with the NFT revolution and now, take a seat and enjoy 😉

Bonus track of AI art:

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Yours in crypto!