AI: What’s next?

As we saw last week in the last article, a new AI has been born. We are closer to the AI professionals dreams. What we imagined through our science fiction books is getting closer.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool developed by OpenAI. It is a model language that has been trained to generate authentic-looking human text. Its technology/methodology is nothing new. What has given her the futuristic leap has been the enormous volume of information with which she has been trained.

It works using tokens, correlations and probabilities. For example, take a look at this image:

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For the word “Book”, GPT3 has displayed a sort of words that has correlations with this token, so he can create a definition that covers 60% of it by using the words “pages, written, words, paper”.

Last week we saw some practical aplicaciones, let’s see some more:

  • Summarize a meeting: You can record the audio of a meeting, create a transcript (you can use, another AI that transcribes meetings for you) and ask ChatGPT to give you a good summary
  • Write professional mails: You can rewrite emails and cover letters to make them more professional. In any language.
  • Summarize a class: At Belobaba Academy we are testing ChatGPT to summarize some of our classes to have an executive resume of the most important points. For example, the video that I recorded last week taknig about ChatGPT, I have transcribed it and asked for a short summary. And it’s not bad.

Tip 1:To get the transcription of any video you can use Youtube, there is an option to get the transcription:

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Tip 2: When using ChatGPT to get a summary ask for X key points in bullets with full sentences and put the text to analyze between “”. Something like this will appear:

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AI therapy?

In the future, some expect that AI can be used to provide some kind of psychological support.

I tried ChatGPT with an email about a small working conflict and I asked him to analyze it with this question: what attitude has the person who sends this email His answer has been Confused and Concerned. And that answer was wright!! In the future, AI therapy, or at least quick support to help us understand things from a psychological point of view, could be interesting, especially for those who have difficulties interpreting the emotions of others.

Remember, this is only the beginning. It’s not even connected to the internet.

If you want you can try how that would be with this start up incubated by Ycombinator that has launched Chatsonic, a ChatGPT connected to the internet. I suppose they have the GPT3 API but with the ability to take information in real time to feed the AI.

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For example:

Do you know why Bitcoin has risen 5% in the last few hours?

Experts believe that the price increase is due to a recovery in the general cryptocurrency market, as Bitcoin has followed the market trend by rebounding from a dip in recent months. In addition, the increase in prices may be due to the increase in interest rates in the United States and the greater acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of online payment.

And what happened to Binance in the US? Could something similar to what happened to FTX happen to Binance?

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, is a company with a large presence in the US. It is well established in the market and is one of the most respected in the industry. There are certain regulations in the US that Binance must comply with, so it is unlikely that it will suffer a collapse similar to FTX. Binance is a respected brand and continues to have a large number of users, so it is expected that it will continue to run smoothly.

Not bad!!

It is important to keep in mind that, although ChatGPT does not represent a great methodological revolution, its success is due to the fact that it has been trained with a large amount of information.

This year 2023, GPT4 is expected to come out, which is trained with five times more information than its predecessor, and according to those who have tested it in Sillicon Valley: “it’s like looking into the eyes of god.”

I’m ready to meet god, and you?

Yours in Crypto and AI