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AI tools to accelerate your creativity and productivity in 2023

*If you hate, like I do to give your data to try out tools, you can use a temporary mail here:

I. To increase sales:

1. Smartwriter.

This AI allows you to send personalized messages to all your LinkedIn contacts. Create a CSV with a list of people you are interested in, the AI checks their latest posts or the company they work for and creates a specific message for each user answering their comment. The personalization is very good, I mean it does not use standard phrases, but rather responds exactly on the topic being discussed. Quite spectacular. You can also customize emails, but maybe it’s better to use ChatGPT for that. You can use a temporary mail. Price: It is paid, but it has a 7-day free trial. Rating: 6/10.

2. Maverick:

By recording a video, you can personalize it with the names of all your clients. The onboarding process is not great. The accent can only be in English. No prices. It takes a long time to send the video with the result. Price N/A. Rating. 4/10.

3. Waalaxy.

It is a Chrome extension that allows you to prospect contacts on LinkedIn (people who might be interested in contacting you) and send them an invitation and if they accept, a couple of messages. You can customize the messages with their name. Surely you have been victims of some of these tools at some point… You can also create a message (campaign) for your contacts (filtered or not). The tool works very well. Price: the free version goes a long way. Rating: 8/10

4. Retention Engine:

If you have a subscription business and want to reduce the number of users who unsubscribe, this AI reduces the rotation of subscribers by up to 47% with personalized messages and offers based on the reason they have unsubscribed. Price: Minimum 250$ per month. Rating 5/10.

II. To generate content:

5. Writesonic (Chatsonic):

I have already talked about it in other articles. It works very well. They have several tools; the most commonly used is to write articles and blogs, although with ChatGPT it has become a little obsolete. But they were smart, when ChatGPT appeared free fo all, they created Chatsonic, which is the same but connected to the internet, with which you can ask for the latest things (what happened yesterday with the price of BTC?) and if you put a URL and the questions about that website will answer you.

For example, if you create this chart in Trading view:

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This is the answer:

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The answer is wrong. The analysis is bad. But it detects that it is a graph, the period of time and is able to reason with an assessment about the stability of the market. This is the future. Imagine when within a few months an AI trained to do a good technical analysis of any chart you throw at it. The work of traders will change radically. We must be prepared. Price: You can try it for free. Rating: 8/10.

6. Jasper:

Another AI to generate posts quickly. It works well, but I think it has been surpassed by ChatGPT, honestly. The only advantage is that in its version Boss Mode you can even create books, while the extension of ChatGPT is more limited, for now. Price: You can start to try for free and then from about $40/month. Rating: 7/10.

7. Copy.

Another thing, to generate written content quickly. Better ChatGPT. Price: $49/month. Rating: 7/10.

8. Tribescaler:

For twitter You put in keywords and it generates short phrases with a hook to generate tweets. It works quite well, although you lose authenticity. There are also examples to inspire you in tweets that have achieved virality. Price: $25/month. Rating: 7/10

9. SurfSEO:

To write articles using keywords that rank well in SEO. Of the 4 key SEO variables, it fulfills the first two well (article structure and keywords), not so much the other two (quality and external links). It’s good, but SEO is going to die overtaken by chatbots 😉 Price: Starts at $49/month. Rating: 6/10.

10. Grammarly:

Spelling and grammar checker. It works well, but it is surpassed by ChatGPT. It allows you to set the style but CatGPT nails the style you want much better (for example, I asked it for a text in the style of Chesterton and by God that text smelled like Chesterton!!). Price: Free. Rating: 3/10

11. Supermeme.

You give it an image and it generates memes, so you don’t have to think about that. You can also give it a sentence and it generates images and memes about the topic. It works well, you have 20 free memes but the registration is only with mail, so you can use a temp mail. But I’m not a fan of this type of communication. Price: free. Rating: 6/10.

III. Working tools

12. Firefiles.

It allows you to record and transcribe meetings in different languages. It works well, it saves everything that is commented on in text format, which makes it easy to search by words. Then you can pass the text to ChatGPT so that it can give you a summary. Price: Although it has a free version, it requires you to enter bank details to register, so yes, then you only pay $7/month. Rating: 8/10

13. Preplexity.

An answer finder. You ask it a question and it offers you information from the network where you can find the answer. A good alternative to Google, although it works quite well, I think that ChatGPT works better and its capacity for reasoning, learning and memory gives much more play. Price: Free. Rating: 8/10.


To generate power point presentations more quickly assisted with AI. You are required to enter bank details for registration. Price: From $12/month. Rating: 5/10

15. Hypertype.

He reads your emails and proposes an answer. I haven’t tried it yet, there is no trial version. Price: N/A. Rating: N/A.

16. Compose.

Chrome extension that allows you to autocomplete text you are writing in your email. Y Combinator startup. What I do like is the logic of having it integrated into a Chrome extension and helping you wherever you are, for example in your Gmail, writing a Post in Linkedin or creating a presentation. Without any doubt, ChatGPT is much better when asking it to write you an email about something, but this extension suggests text as you are writing it in your email. I believe that the future goes through here. We will have AI that assist us autonomously in the environment we are in, whether we are in the real world, the digital world or the metaverse. Integration is the key. Great potential. Price: Free. Rating: 4/10.

There are a lot of other AI tools out there, but we will have to wait and see how ChatGPT will evolve and how many of them survive because they provide a real value to the users.

I leave the entire universe of text-based image generators for the next post: Dalle 2, Midjourney and company.

Hal (ChatGPT) convert this article into a table:

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I. To increase sales:
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II. To generate content
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III. Working tools

Thank you Hal.

Yours in crypto and AI