AI news in 3 minutes

In recent months, hundreds of new AI tools have emerged applied to numerous sectors and interesting movements have been seen between big players.

We often joke that 1 year in crypto is equivalent to 4 years in the normal world. Seeing everything that has happened in the last three months in the field of AI we could say that 1 month in AI is equivalent to 3 months in crypto. At least for the last three months. So I decided to update you in 3 minutes:

This tool competes with the well-known:

  • From now on, Bing will be limited to:

– 50 chat turns per day (turn = question + answer).

– 5 chat turns per session.

According to Microsoft data, only 1% of conversations were over 50 messages, so most users will not be affected.

  • Roblox CTO Daniel Sturman announced two new tools:

– A 3D text-to-tone integration.

– A code completion tool (like GitHub Copilot).

A Roblox user was already the first to integrate Chat GPT to an NPC (Non Playable Character) in their metaverse, giving them context and thus transforming the virtual gaming experience and demonstrating the impact AI can have on the industry from the video game. we talked about it in this article: The NPC Revolution.

  • A Chrome extension allows you to speak and listen Chat GPT. It’s quite interesting interact with this AI by voice. Link.
  • A tool to play with your kids, sketch-to-image, turns any scribble into an image (uses Stabledifusion technology):
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  • AWS partners with Hugging Face, an open source community for the development of AI models.
  • A similar application to, create presentations in seconds using AI into Google Slides (sorry, results doesn’t have yet de ¡wow! effect): GPT For Slides. But just to take some perspective: Tome has just raised 43M$ at 300M$ valuation!
  • Animate avatars (it doesn’t work very well yet, and you are very limited for free prompts, let it some more months here):

And to finish, Bain and OpenAI are collaborating to integrate AI into their clients’ operations and support improvements in technology, processes, operating models, and data assets. They are developing leading use cases with clients (like Coca-Cola), including building next-generation contact centers for retail banks, telcos, and utility companies to improve customer experience and boost sales and service agent support.

In Belobaba we are also working on this field (we are actually quite advanced) to provide the best contact support using AI to our community, so stay tuned for news 😉

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