AI as a Your New Data Scientist

I have seen numerous groundbreaking tools and technologies over the years, but since the disruption of the Blockchain technology and the crossroad with AI I have the feeling that innovation has been accelerating. This week I discovered the Code Interpreter plugin for ChatGPT that allows you to run Python code within a chat conversation (only available for some developers yet).

This tool can transform the way we approach data analysis.

It’s quite easy to use: Simply upload your data, provide instructions in simple English, and watch the magic unfold.

From cleaning data to generating insightful visualizations, the Code Interpreter has it all. It’s like having a full-fledged data scientist at your fingertips. For example, this Twitter user recently uploaded a CSV file containing San Francisco crime data and asked the model to visualize trends. The results were stunning.

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Segmenting Markets and Developing Business Strategies

This powerful tool isn’t limited to data analysis; it can also assist in market segmentation and business strategy development. By providing a spreadsheet of relevant data, ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter can identify market segments and offer tailored strategies for each one. It’s an invaluable resource for businesses seeking a competitive edge.

We can see a demo in this Twitter user @beglen

File Uploading and Downloading Capabilities

The flexibility of the ChatGPT Code Interpreter is further enhanced by its file uploading and downloading capabilities. A perfect example of this is its ability to extract colors from an image to create a color palette. Additionally, the model can automatically compress large images when running out of memory, ensuring that your work remains uninterrupted.

Let’s see a new example to hace it clear. You can upload a data set file and ask: Can you run some visualizations?

If you are a Data Analyst, Chat GPT will not take your job, but another Data Analyst using it probably will.

Yours in crypto and AI.