Adoption and maturity

Today, trading at 20k, only one in 184 people in the world owns Bitcoin.

Surely you have found a large number of people around you who do not understand anything about all this and who only repeat slogans such as: this crypto thing is a scam, it is only speculation, they are useless,… Do not waste time, those are part of the 184 people who still do not understand what’s about. Patience. Step by step, those who have the cunning to study and try to understand, will change sides.

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Total adresses BTC

One on-chain metric I like to look at in the long term (we have already talked about it in previous articles here) is the number of active wallets (30D). Take a look at this graph:

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In this last year great crisis in which we have seen almost everything we could imagine (FTX, Terra,…), when we analyze the number of active users, the result is clearly optimistic. In fact, we are better than when BTC was trading at 40k in the middle of the two peaks (summer last year). Not only is it significant that no active wallets have been lost, but with little to recover and reach their ATH we can see how the volume and price improve.

This is a metric that should be taken as a trend, with a long-term vision. Draw your own conclusions.

There’s space for growing.

A few days ago, my colleague Valentin Santamaria gonzalez took out an interesting graph:

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Adoption by country

In some countries, those were the inflation and the monetary policy is causing more damage, crypto adoption reaches more than 50% of the population. Advanced countries are more close to 10%. There is a huge space for growth world wide.

India surprises for the volume of population that are already using crypto, but you must take in consideration that kids in schools learn to code as we learn maths, so there are less technological barriers for adoption.

Another interesting fact that came out this week is that in the US almost 30% of millennials use Crypto. Yes, it is also a generational issue. Time will lead to adoption. Technological and usability barriers still exist. There are people who cannot, or do not know how to operate in DAPPS, to have a wallet, and do a Swap, and some exchanges are carried by the devil. Nonetheless, adoption still growing. And some barriers are starting to trumble. Those who understand the importance of beeing active part of this transformatioon rather than a problem, will take advantage of it.

As Bob Dylan said in the song The Times They Are A-Changin’

Your old road is rapidly agin’

Please get out of the new one

If you can’t lend your hand

Yours in Crypto, AI and Dylan.