A Nice Crypto Winter at ETH.Denver

Every time I listen the phrase “Crypto winter” only bad things come to my mind but this week the whole term took a 180 degrees turn.

This time was different. Why? Because the best of the crypto community converged in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Snowy Denver to share good times and better ideas on what’s next in the thriving Ethereum ecosystem.

The conference was packed with talented project teams willing to prove they have what it takes to become the next crypto unicorn and Vitalik himself was present at the Web3 Castle in North Broadway sharing some pearls of wisdom at the main stage and in the mentoring floor.

Quite an electrifying atmosphere.

The stages, the corporate booths and the NFT galleries were filled with talent and innovation.

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At a personal level and as Chief Investment Officer of Belobaba Crypto Fund, the event couldn’t have been more productive.

From the geographical point of view, it was great to strength the links with groups from Europe and reconnect with teams from California. When you live in Miami, it is easy to focus only in Florida, New York and Texas but there is no doubt that a lot of important developments are happening in the West Coast.

I made also great contacts along the entire value chain of the Hedge Fund industry:  Prime Brokers with cutting edge platforms, companies dedicated to providing seconds of advantage for high frequency trading units and founding teams with amazing projects to invest and to end the week on a high note (literally), enjoying a relaxing day in the snow of Vail with potential accredited investors.

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But even though this crypto winter was a really nice one, it is time to change gears and prepare for the crypto summer because if I am not wrong, the next massive crypto meeting of North America will be back home in the Miami Bitcoin Conference.

Yours in Crypto

Carlos Gómez, CIO at Belobaba Fund